The Fosters 2×02 “Take Me Out”: Choices


The Fosters delivers yet another week of twists and turns, drama, biological father issues and slight dash of emasculation on Jesus’ behalf. The majority of the episode sees Brandon go through the big ol’ decision of do I don’t I? Whilst he has regained 95% of the feeling back in his hand he feels like it won’t be enough…

The doctors have warned Brandon that surgery may not be the best option and although Brandon is insisting upon it Stef and Mike are dead set against it. This causes tension between Stef and Lena as Lena feels pushed aside due to her lack of biological ownership of Brandon. Thankfully Callie steps in and gets Marianna to utilize her charm in order to get Brandon out to come and watch Emma’s mate’s band perform.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

After heading to Ground Spice Brandon fears that he’s going to hate it – especially after he finds out that they’re a ‘80’s pop vibe mixed with Black Keys’. That is of course until Lou (Ashley Argota) pops on stage as the lead singer of ‘Someone’s Little Sister’. After realizing that Brandon knows Matt (Emma’s friend) Callie persuaded Brandon to get involved with the band. However after some sass from Lucy Lou and her branding Brandon as ‘too buttoned up’ I’m not sure how well that’ll work. (I’m lying I can’t wait for him to join and for him to accidentally fall in love with his opposite sassy Lou.)

Brandon goes home and he Google’s the band and starts to accompany the bands song with his own music – well done Brandon! This of course is all thanks to Callie and she explains to Brandon that he has a choice unlike Callie’s unfortunate turn of event with Mr. Robert Quinn. The mystery man aka Callie’s dad aka milkshake lover constantly hangs around his daughter’s work place and even makes conversation. I’m still not over Daphne telling Callie that Robert (Callie’s birth father) ‘wants a piece of that’.

After a visit from the solicitors, Callie finds out that she has to have a DNA present with R.Quinn present and she has to sign that she won’t sue her father! After her father didn’t show up Callie realizes that she actually cares about the fact he was a no show and she wants to see him! Marianna and Callie shared such a beautiful scene and it truly depicted how far they’ve come as sisters! Finally, just like Brandon, Callie took to the Internet and searched for her dad and there it was – Robert Quinn, the milkshake man.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

The next day Quinn is outside and Daphne gets excited for the tips however Callie is bad, sad and mad! She storms out and demands answers and explains that she isn’t interested in his money. He explains that he never knew she existed and it’s his family lawyers that are making him do all this. I feel like I believe him but I don’t want to trust him straight away. He hands her a note which is form her little sister Sophia, (Bailee Madison) who is in my opinion the perfect actress to play her, in which she says that she wants to meet Callie… DUN DUN DUNNNN

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Meanwhile Stef and Lena seem to be growing further apart and they’ve lost that spark the once had – please fix this. Jude is left annoyed when he finds out that Connor might be friends with him if Jude was gay. This problem arose from the fact that Connor’s dad who I think is also the basketball coach thinks that Jude is going to infect Connor with his ‘gay’ virus. This has the potential to be such a powerful storyline, frustrating to watch, but powerful! (You go Jude) Last but not least Jesus can’t cope with Emma knowing what she likes and demanding what she wants – he feels like she’s too bossy. I think what he meant was he felt invisible but as per usual he puts his foot in his mouth and makes Emma feel upset – I don’t care what he thinks of Emma, cause I love Emma!

Thanks for reading – let me know what you thought of the episode.



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