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The Fosters finally returns with just as much drama as we all expected! Last season we witnessed numerable twists and turns and to recap on the more recent storylines I’ll remind you where we left it! Season one saw Callie’s adoption rejected because her biological father is still out there leaving Jude to officially become a Foster! Marianna said goodbye to her boyfriend as he had to move in order to look after his sick mother and Jesus got back with his wrestling team member Emma. Finally we watched Brandon being beaten to pulp by Rico leaving him crippled by crushing his hand in the car door…

The Fosters picks up right where it left off; Brandon lying on the floor, beaten unable to move. Throughout the episode we get flashbacks of how he recovers and I nearly fell for an ‘oh-my-god-was-it-a-dream’ moment when he woke up and he was fine but then I realised time had jumped forward. Thankfully Brandon regains up to 95% feeling back in his hands but he’s still anxious about whether or not he’ll be able to play again. If he’s not worrying about his bad hand than he’s worrying about the girl who he loves being with another man and even worse he has to get the door for this said man (Wyatt and Callie). To top that all off, Brandon is living with the guilt of sleeping with his father’s girlfriend Dani!

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Putting all of Brandon’s drama to the side for one minute – season two also portrays the struggle that Callie must go through in order to get adopted. Unfortunately her adoption gets rejected for the second time because despite the fact that Callie’s non-biological father brought her up she still needs consent from her biological father. However, Callie is in no rush to find this mysterious Robert Quinn. To make things worse Stef and Lena’s foster certificate is up and Callie needs to be re-homed immediately. The scene was so hard to watch as Jude was persistent that he was going to go with her but he wasn’t allowed as he’s officially adopted!

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

One thing this episode showed (apart from Lena’s weird cravings) was how much Callie has grown up and how much the character has developed. Callie in the past season would’ve ran away by now but this Callie sits quietly in her newly locked up bedroom with her temporary foster-mother waiting for Stef and Lena to save her. Callie also decides not to mess with things and to wait until her 18th birthday to give herself permission to be adopted. Once Stef sorts things out with the court being the badass she is, she gets Callie back and Callie explains that she doesn’t want to be dragged out at any time so she agrees for the courts to locate and serve her biological father with the adoption papers.  With that being said, a strange man at the end of the episode comes into Callie’s workplace and leaves a huge tip and weirdly watched Callie – my guess is that its Callie’s biological dad played by Kerr Smith a.k.a Brody from Charmed a.k.a Dawson’s Creek.

As well as all that Marianna is blonde and trying to fit in on the dance team and Jesus and Emma are having problems with Emma being treated as Jesus’ girlfriend rather than one of the lads! Jude’s speech about finally finding his anchor was by far the best part of the episode leaving me and probably many others warm inside!

Who knows what’ll happen next? Let me know your thoughts on the premier of season 2!

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