The Fosters 1×21 “Adoption Day”: A series of unfortunate events.


And that’s a wrap! Well for this season anyway. Season One has had so many twists and turns and it’s been fun keeping up with it. When I first started watching this drama I definitely didn’t expect it to have so many plot twists. I’m pleasantly surprised by it all!

This week on The Fosters Stef and Mike decide to keep Brandon’s dirty little secrets on the hush hush and Stef tries to meet Ana and record her bribing an officer. For some reason Ana didn’t turn up and a reason for that might be a violent encounter with Mike – who we see later on in the episode drunk with blood on his hands. Who knows – season 2 storyline.

Mike was sent down a drunken spiral after finding out about all the lies Brandon has been spinning. I think it got too much for him and off he went back to the booze – he was doing so well. Like father like son – Brandon wallows in self-pity as Callie explains that she doesn’t want to hurt him but she’s kind of over him and wants to get adopted. This of course leads Brandon to a tipsy state and who better to make out with then inappropriate devious Dani. I think Brandon gets turned on by individuals who is isn’t meant to hook up with!

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Meanwhile ‘Baby Gate’ is in full swing as we find out that Timothy doesn’t want to sign the contract, which elicits worry out of Stef and Lena. This stress highlights Stef’s true feelings for the baby and how she doesn’t want Lena to have it. Come on though – as much as a baby would be cute and adorable, they’ve got more than enough on their plate. Lena thinks that she’s come on her period but guess what guys it was just spotting and she’s pregnant. Shockingly, Stef feels nothing but love for Lena but for some reason Lena didn’t seem as happy as Stef, which I was confused about. I wonder what they’re going to do with Timothy now and how they’ll work around everything.

Mariana [who has transformed to being one of my least favourite characters into one of my favourite characters] helps Zach through his traumatic time with his sick mother. We find out she’s got Alzheimer’s but he doesn’t want to ask for help because he doesn’t want to move and leave Mariana. However after another memory loss incident and an iron to the face he finally calls his dad and now he’s moving to Arizona. This makes me sad for so many reasons! Zach is a really funny character and finally Mariana gets herself a guy who is decent and likes her back! I hope he returns in season 2.

Finally we get some Jude and Connor storyline again! Connor seems to get jealous when a girl invites Jude to the cinema from their class. In actual fact we find out that Jude is jealous because Connor likes this girl. Jude goes to Lena with his queries about how old she was when she found out she was gay and I’m sensing an interesting I-love-my-best-friend storyline – however I hope Connor likes him back – I kind of get he does but maybe that’s me misreading things for subjective reasons because I adore Jude!

It’s finally adoption day and everybody makes it including the girls from Girls United. It felt so good to see them all, they felt like old friends, especially Rita. However just as everything is going good a women calls Stef and Lena to the side and instantly you know something is going to happen. Of course it’s going to be Callie related, can anything ever go smoothly for her? Time for a little plot twist – Callie’s name on her birth certificate doesn’t match the name she gave and in actual fact we find out that she has a different father! Uh-oh, this means that sadly Callie can’t get adopted today but Jude can and with Callie’s heartwarming consent it goes ahead and his adoption scene was so sweet but also so sad for Callie! If it wasn’t for Rita I reckon Callie would’ve ran again!

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Finally at the house Wyatt asks Callie if her being adopted or not will affect her and Brandon and she replies with a kiss. I think it’s safe to say she’s over Brandon [well I hope she is]. Speaking of Brandon – we see him getting beaten up pretty badly at the end by Vico and his mate. Vico is still sour about the fact that he won’t get his wrestling scholarship so he sees it that he must return the favour and stop Brandon’s chances of being a pianist but shutting his hand in the car door – the end!

What a visceral ending! I wonder how Brandon will cope with that and how it’ll affect his career. So many plot twist so much time to wait. What did you think of season finale and can you wait until June for it to return?!?!

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