The Fosters 1×20 “Metropolis”: A night to remember.


The cat is definitely out of all the bags that have been kept throughout the second half of this season and these cats are wild. Truths are told, lies are conjured and a storm is brewed!

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

The episode starts with a nice full circle in regards to family dynamics; more specifically, the scene with Callie and Brandon in the piano room. The room where it all started on their first day of anchor beach – the first spark, revisited for the ending of the season. Brandon is auditioning for a junior symphony and as per usual Callie is his inspiration – the missing note that he lacked at the start of the season. Of course he is even more determined to get Callie back thanks to the evil cunning of Danni the stepmom.

The only problem for Brandon is Wyatt is back in town and he’s supposedly staying at his friend’s house. Little does Callie know that this is a lie and he’s actually been living in his car – that is until his car is towed away as he had a shower and freshened up his nicely toned body! He decides to come clean and tell Callie about his predicament and she gets him a couple of days at Daphne’s. Due to this Callie has to bail on Brandon telling him he loved her, which sets Brandon off on one! I blame Danni!

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Meanwhile back at home Stef feels distant from Lena and is often not as sensitive to Lena’s baby plan as Lena would like her to be. The rift between them was comically, yet effectively portrayed through their mattresses. Anna approached Stef with a bribe of $10,000 to keep quiet about her son giving her money to change her statement. Stef obviously doesn’t believe this and assumes she’s on about Jesus who she questions about whether he has seen his biological other in which he replies no – obviously.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Jesus is having trouble with algebra, Emma and his ADHD. He constantly tries to get Emma to go out with him or at least to the Winterball that is going to take place. She is having none of it and just tries to help him stay concentrated off his pills – little does everybody know that he’s still on them. Speaking of Winterball, Marianna and Zach are deciding whether they want to go and Marianna is patiently waiting for Zach to ask her. After she is told by Callie that he may be shy she decides to take things into her own hands only to be surprised by Zach sweet, yet confusing invitation to the dance. In between all of this Zach puts his mothers’ threats toward Marianna down to being eccentric and/or having too much wine.

It’s the night of the Winterball and Callie [a nominated Prom Queen] must attend so her Parole Officer will get a good report on Callie’s participation in school activities. I don’t know if it was just me but I knew Vico and his unsettled grudge were a reason behind her nomination. Although Callie didn’t understand why she had been nominated Lena told her to just rise above it. All eyes were on Callie and not in a wow-look-how-pretty-you-look but more in a thanks-for-buying-and-sneaking-in-alcohol-for-us kind of way. Yes – Vico has brought alcohol with his fake ID and has planted Callie a fake ID in her unoccupied bag!

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

After being elected as Prom King and Queen Vico and Callie play the part and have their dance as we see Talya the known class bitch whisper something in one of the principal’s ears. Callie is summoned to a room in which allegations of fraud and alcohol smuggling are set against her. Oh and things get worse – Brandon bursts in and takes the blame and said he did to set Callie up after realizing she didn’t feel the same as him.

This is only because a couple of moments before Callie made up a lie that she slept with Wyatt so Brandon could get over her. As Callie brilliantly explained she needs a family not just piece of paper that says she’s adopted and her and Brandon together would jeopardizes it. As heartbreaking as it was it needed to be said!

Stef orders Brandon to be arrested but Callie runs out and tells Brandon she made the lie up – brilliant timing Callie, brilliant. Brandon is driven to the station and then we see both of his parents get into the car with him for some grilling. I’m sure I heard Mike say that the officers said they didn’t want to do the paperwork on this. Is that a thing? Is he going to get away with is?

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Anyway Brandon is told to speak the truth and nothing but the truth. Finally at the end of the episode Brandon opens up and spills all of his lies, illegal activities and sneaking around. Both Stef and Mike are shocked by what is coming out of Brandon’s mouth but it is finally out!

What will happen?

–       Will Vico get punished?

–       Is Callie ever going to be over Brandon and vice versa

–       Will Jesus ever get another chance with Emma

–       Will Lena get pregnant

–       Will Callie go ahead with the adoption

–       Will Zach’s mom get medical help?

So many questions! – let me know what you think, thanks for reading!

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