The Fosters 1×18 “Escape & Reversals”: Full house


The episode kicks off with Jesus trying his hardest to write his break up email to Lexi and during this I had two conflicting voices saying ‘yay Emma’ and ‘poor Lexi’ – I’m not sure which voice was louder at this moment. He manages to send it with everyone downstairs calling for him to have breakfast. Jesus comes downstairs to find an empty milk bottle and his girlfriend Lexi!

Cue face-palms and ‘oh shits’! His loving family have kept Lexi’s surprise week visit a secret for Brandon – if only the knew! She makes it known that she intends to spend every living waking moment with him despite Stef and Lena’s sex ban! Jesus manages to tell Emma of his surprise and his lack of breaking up [he deleted the email from Lexi’s phone before she read it] and in hearing this Lexi introduces herself. It all happens pretty fast and in all the commotion Emma traps her finger in her locker rendering her unavailable to take part in the wrestling match meaning Jesus has to take her place.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Meanwhile Dani tells Mike that Brandon and him need to have breakfast more and that Dani is worrying about Brandon. I’m not quite sure of Dani’s motives right now but there is something that I don’t like about her. I can’t tell if she’s being genuine with her concern for Brandon’s well being or not. She deffo doesn’t understand that all Mike wants is a friends-with-benefits by inviting herself to move in completely.

Back at school Callie has worked out that Brandon lied about the Kindles and she soon works out that he is working with Vico. To confirm this she pretends to be a client and gets Vico to make her a fake ID. She confronts Brandon and explains that because of him she’s lost a friend and he merely shakes this off and it opens Callie’s eyes so she can see how far Brandon has strayed from his usual self.

Of course nobody can get to Brandon as deeply as Callie – from her sharp words he decides to right his wrongs and buys off everyone’s fake ID’s and tells them they aren’t working and they need to spread the word. In going against Vico he is setting himself [or Callie] up for some serious repercussions – I wonder what will happen.

Back to the love triangle – its wrestling time and Brandon is nervous so I think he takes his old meds but I am not too sure. During the start of his match his vision gets blurred which to me was kind of a metaphor for his blurred vision between the two girls. In the end he decides that he really likes Emma but her loves Lexi and he wins the match. Poor Emma is saddened by this but shrugs it off and congratulates him of his win as he rushes over to Lexi. Lexi takes a photo of her beau winning to send to her parents and as her mailbox is full she must delete some messages. So of course she goes to delete her deleted messages in which she sees the message that Jesus deleted and she is heartbroken. Poor Lexi!

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Now Jesus has made up his mind he plans sexy time with Lexi at Mike’s house – just as they’re about to do the deed Lexi stops things and explains that she kissed a boy back in Honduras! This scene was so sad to watch because we knew that Lexi only made this up to save herself Brandon breaking up with her and so he could be happy when Lexi left! Marianna even knew that there was no man but Lexi explains that there will be.

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Things heat up with Marianna this week but then cool down just as fast. She decides to get her flirt on with Zach but because he wasn’t aware of this he asked if they could go on a proper date and they FINALLY kiss. Unfortunately Zach’s mother interrupts and he has to go – he knocks the door later on and for some reason says he can’t go on a date with Marianna – WHAT HAPPENED? I’m guessing it’s his mother? Finally we will be seeing more of Zach if he gets a story!

Dani approaches Brandon and tells him that he can confide in her and she can be there for him. Brandon does end up confiding in her and she even helps him and gives him the money to pay his dad. Brandon semi confesses to Mike about why he started skipping piano but didn’t say anything about what he did what that money or how he started getting money back – I feel like all will be revealed soon and I feel like Dani will use this as leverage on Brandon to get closer to Mike.

Finally Stef and Lena approach Callie and Jude and ask for their permission to ask their biological father to sign his parenting rights over. It is in this moment that Jude finds out his father got out of prison last year and is yet again angry at Callie. In the end their father does agree to sign parenting over and they both have the chance to see him – Jude says yes to Callie’s disapproval. In other news Stef agrees to having Timothy’s sperm for Lena! Yay!


The episode closes with Callie turning up to her fathers house! Uh-oh.





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