The Fosters 1×15 “Us Against The World”: Happiness.


Callie decides its time to move back in with the Fosters, but before she does she has her last group meeting with Girls United. The girls go around in a circle and tell Callie what she taught them leading Callie explaining that they all taught her courage and bravery. It was one of favorite scenes from the episode as it beautifully showed character development and the emotion evoked from such a simple scene was in my opinion, brilliant.  They also warn Callie of the temptations she may face and that she has to stay strong – lets hope she can.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Callie returns to the Fosters’ household expecting to earn back everybody’s trust, however she didn’t expect it from Jude who seems off with her. Maybe he still hasn’t gotten over the way she left him and if she will do it again. Callie decides to win his trust back some other way and starts leaving little clues around the house and at school that will in turn spell out a message.

Marianna’s house arrest has come to an end and her and Callie both face the return to school together – a bitter ex-best friend who seems to be all over chase confronts Marianna and tells her Chase will never be interested. Chase however invites Marianna to a party in which she accepts even though she has plans with Zach. All I want is for Marianna to notice Zach and he was about to confess his feelings to Marianna until Chase came into the bedroom after being handed Mariana’s underwear. Zach being the good guy that he is leaves Mariana and the douche she has chosen. Thankfully Mariana doesn’t let Chase do what he wants with her body which enrages him as he brands Mariana as a tease who just wanted to kiss and not have sex! Throughout this whole scene I was shouting at my laptop screen for her to go and find Zach.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Meanwhile downstairs at the party Talia the evil demon ex girlfriend is on the prowl and finds Brandon. In a drunken state she tells him that she warned him that she would leave him and wouldn’t like him back. Brandon being the self-absorbed person he has become yells back that Callie does love him but she needs a family more than boyfriend. This leaves her enraged and she seeks Callie out and tells everyone that she will steal their boyfriends – and the bitch is back!

With the party going the way it is Callie, Brandon and Marianna all leave to go home. Meanwhile at home Stef has been summoned by the open court to give a statement on Mike’s case under oath. Even though she can loose her job Stef decides to tell the truth once under oath. Thankfully Brandon uses the money he’s been saving from his piano lessons to pay Marianna and Jesus’ birth money to retract her statement and lie and still have money to survive. Due to Brandon’s underhanded tactics Stef and Mike are both in the clear!

Jude explains to Connor that his messages are to do with his real birthday and the fact that they kept it a secret from all the foster homes that they went into because it was his and Callie’s thing because nobody knew about it. After piecing all the pieces together and his final present from Callie in the morning he finally works it out that the message was from Hansel and Gretel – a book that their mother used to read for them:

Then all anxiety was at an end, and they lived together in perfect happiness.

Callie forgot to give the word happiness and she told him it was waiting downstairs and then as she brought him down he was presenting with his family! Bravo Callie, Bravo!

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

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