The Fosters 1×15 “Padre”: I’m coming home Jude.


An amalgamation of tears, truths and twists help steer this episode. At the very beginning of the episode we are introduced the supernatural-esque representation of what Stef wanted to be presented with instead of her father’ unfortunate death.

With the help of miraculous snowfall the confusion of her flash-forward was ironed out and I understood that it wasn’t reality. Things move fast and it’s already the day of the funeral. Callie decides to go to the funeral even though she is told she doesn’t have to – she is going for Jude in particular, who handled her mothers’ death badly. As Callie and Jude walk hand in hand following The Fosters we are taken back to see Callie and Jude walking into their mothers’ service.

With the sadness of the ceremony skipped we are back at the house with Stef and Lena preparing everything with the help of their mothers, children, ex husbands and friends. Even the pastor who tried to ‘fix’ Stef was present at the wake and gave Stef a sense of closure in regards to her fathers’ views on Stef’s ‘lifestyle’. Personally I don’t think Stef will ever forgive her father for his ignorance but she will now appreciate and hopefully understand the extremities he went to in order to try and understand his daughter.


Source: ABC Family

Meanwhile, Brandon being Brandon is all over Callie and is very bad at hiding his touches and his looks towards Callie. I was kind of – no I was really annoyed that Brandon wanted to tell the family of his and Callie’s plans to be together when she lives on her own. I mean c’mon it’s so out of character for the Brandon that I once liked to make his Grandfathers’ funeral about himself!

I felt like this episode and the death of Stef’s father helped drive forward Callie and Jude’s backstory therefore adding character development – my favorite. We are constantly shown a young Callie as she is told to be a good girl whilst her parents go out to the cinema. We also see how badly Jude reacts to his mothers’ death by destroying Callie’s room.

Meanwhile Jude, Connor and Marianna whack out the Ouija Board and play with the supernatural realm of spirits – why not, this episode is already infused with a lot of eeriness that I’m quite enjoying. Marianna finds out that her boyfriends letter beings with a Z[ack] and Jude asks his mother is he is okay with him getting adopted in which her and Connor reply Yes!

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Throughout the mingling and the prepping and the conversing Callie loses her necklace, which belonged to her mother, and she breaks down. This gives Stef and Callie some much needed grievance time as they both confess their last words towards their fallen parents. Stef and Callie both help each other and myself cry and Stef tells Callie that she has five hearts externally in the form of her kids and Callie is included. The kind of love that Callie needs isn’t from Brandon it’s from Stef and Lena – she needs love, protection and maternal bonds that will help her grow to be a beautiful woman, inside and out!

Callie comes to the decision that this is what she needs and tells Brandon that she needs a family rather than just him and she’d like to be adopted and come home! Jude is more than happy to hear this and it shows how they were both adamant to stay together when their mother first passed. What else was interesting was how Callie somehow psychologically repressed that it was her that messed her room up not Jude. Maybe Callie needs Jude more than she thinks Jude needs her!

Source: ABC Family

Source: ABC Family

Lena has quite a ride this episode as well as she tries to be support to Stef and even stands up to her mother! Lena explains that she wants to have her own biological child and her mother is quite cynical in her reply. However thankfully her mothers’ tune changes when Lena stands up for herself. Now she just has to tell Stef [who already knows because she has found the vitamins]. Mike is also stressed about an article published, which brings his shooting back into the light – this could possibly mean a new investigation and his job on the line! Poor Mike!


It’s been a long day and Stef finally addresses her father and thanks him for the car and as if her father is accepting her gratitude he sends some snow down for his daughter! Lena joins Stef in the car and Stef asks her if she wants a baby. The End!

I quite liked this episode as it seemed to tie up a lot of loose ends and it finally burnt the Callie and Brandon love story that was being spread too thin!

Sidenote: I think Jesus and Emma had a kind of semi moment where they stared into each other’s eyes for too long. I think Jesus is falling for her and I am excited to see how it goes!

Let me know what you thought of the episode and if you agree/disagree with anything.

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