The Fosters 1×14 “Family Day”: Commitment issues.


Everybody seems to be going through some form of commitment issue this week – bar Marianna who is on house arrest for selling drugs. Everybody is tackling their own individual issues up in the he Foster household and Callie is trying her best to deviate from her rules at the Girls United.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC


Jesus tries to take center stage this episode [away from the Brallie spotlight that is] with his ‘Jesus time’ with Lexi and/or Emma. I think over time Jesus is putting Lexi towards the back of his head, but not in a nasty way – in a more life-just-keeps-on-going-kind-of-way. His immediate sparks with Emma don’t help his Lexi situation as well. Emma is the kind of girl that can instantly get on with most people and her humorous ways seem to mellow Jesus. If not anything else, they definitely make really good friends. I wonder who will fall for whom – especially after being accidentally sent them semi-naked pictures of Jesus.

However as well as the positives of ‘Jesus Time’ there’s also the negative that Jude isn’t allowed to enter the room whilst the cap is on the door. “Respect the cap,” he’s told. Reluctantly, Jude initially agrees – that is until it starts to become an obstacle that gets in the way of Jude collecting/dropping things off in his own room! After waiting for an hour Jude has enough and storms in on Jesus and Emma Skype time [seems simply platonic at the moment]. Jude also throws his book at Jesus in anger as he tries to explain that it’s his room as well. Although he gets in trouble for this Stef and Lena are thrilled to hear that he’s calling it his own room and has had his first sibling spat. Go Jude!

Stef and Lena go through their own problems as well this episode. They’re still finding it hard to work with one car with their busy schedules and poor Mike is probably too busy to fix it faster. Things get more intense when Stef’s father comes and offers a car as his peace offering and his way of saying sorry for the way he’s been. Stef being Stef is infuriated by this gesture and sees it as being ignorant and intolerant. I partially agree with her but I also think this is his way of trying to make amends. He can’t really turn back time and Stef did tell him not to come to the wedding. She did give him the option to come but only if he changed his beliefs – as Lena points out its easier said than done and it’s a big thing to ask somebody and this is his way of trying to do that.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Lena is also going through her own personal conflict of whether or not she wants to have a child. She says she’s always wanted kids but life more or less got in the way and she was happy with what she has. However, after hearing that it’s now or never from her doctor she decides that she does want one. She does try to speak to Stef about this but Stef is too wrapped up in her own problems that she doesn’t even take the time to listen.

Okay now its time to tackle the inevitable Callie/Brandon section of the storyline, which for me is getting quite boring and monotonous. Don’t get me wrong I did/maybe do want them to get together but Callie is annoying me by [as Rita says] running away from everything/everybody that is good to her. After a horrific mishap with Cole’s hormones Callie is put under scrutiny from her fellow housemates. This not only opened my eyes as a viewer to how destructive Callie is to herself it also opened up her own eyes and she decides to hand in her phone and tells Rita and the girls that this is where she needs to be.

So what is going to happen now? Earlier in the episode she was speaking to Brandon about how she wanted to decorate their little apartment together. He didn’t seem invested in the idea or maybe that was just my misreading of his confused facial expression at the time. Things also heat up between Callie and Brandon and who knows how far they went.


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Finally, Callie gets her family day and she sees Jude. Jude seems off with her and explains that he never thought she’d abandon him even though she abandons everybody else. Taken back by this Callie explains that this wasn’t her intention and she did it so he would be fostered and wouldn’t be affected by her lustful kiss with Brandon. Still partially annoyed, Jude explains that he is getting fostered with or without Callie. You could tell by his face that he was waiting for Callie to say she wants to be fostered back but I don’t think it will work. Callie feels accomplished because that is what she always wanted. Only time will tell what’ll happen now.

At the end of the episode Stef pays a visit to her father to maybe clear the air. Stef arrives and finds the television on and what she thinks to be her father fast asleep on the coach. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s the case and I don’t think Stef will ever forgive herself for her last words spoken to her father. I’m no psychic but I know next episode will be a very emotional one!

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

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