The Fosters 1×12 “House and Home”: Consequences.


It’s all happening this week on The Fosters and it kicks off before the opening credits. Brandon spills the beans at an awkward breakfast table within the first five minutes of the episode. He confessed after his moms were telling the rest of the family that Callie doesn’t want to be adopted and has a run away for an unknown reason. However, now the cats out of the bag who knows what’ll happen![Well now we do]. Callie is taken back to her juvy officer and she has to stand in front of the judge to plead her case. Although she clearly says that she doesn’t want her foster mothers present they decide to show up anyway and explain how Callie has gown by leaps and bounds but they aren’t ready to take her back at this time. After much deliberating they finally get Callie into a [apparently] less restrictive group home “Girls United” where Rita [Rosie O’Donnell] is the housemother – so to speak.

Knowing how much Callie dislikes the notion of group homes, Brandon lashes out on his mothers. He explains how Callie may feel like she’s been dumped there and it needs to be changed. Stef and Lena sternly tell him the consequences of his action and that it could’ve been worse! Poor Jude is left sister-less and is comforted by Marianna.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Marianna is now feeling the absence of her best friend Lexi and as she’s having lunch on her lonesome senior Chase [Garrett Clayton] invites her to help out on the school production. Without anything better to do Marianna goes along and bags costume designer along with her ex-abuse ex-friend Kelsey. Throughout the episode there is a constant reminder that Marianna has never had a boyfriend and is in fact still a virgin! These may be queues for an upcoming storyline and I wonder how it’ll unravel.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC


Meanwhile, back at the house Callie is coming to grips with the stories of her roommates and she feels like she doesn’t have an addiction as blatant as they do. Finally after much deliberation and a few tears, Callie comes clean about kissing her foster brother and the girls slowly get closer. I love the dynamics of this house and I love the potential for character development between all of these characters. I mean we’ve already got the girl who has assaulted Callie in juvy in the house as a reformed person so who knows what else will happen! Rita’s no nonsense regime is maybe just what Callie needs!

As well as discipline, Callie is also entitles to privileges to see family and other things. After her confession she gains a privilege and invites Jude. All is well until she walks in on her transgender roommate and the end up having a fight thus loosing Callie her privilege. Despite everything that has gone on, Brandon still can’t keep away and finds Callie’s house that she’s in and stands outside waiting for Callie to see him! This scene was so sweet and at first I expected Callie to hide away and not show herself through the window. However she did the total opposite and ran out towards him disregarding all the rules set by Rita. It was so sweet yet so annoying because yet again Callie has made things worse for herself!

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Also this week Jesus feels the limitations from his medication as it makes his heart react differently causing him pain and discomfort. Mike suggests he takes up wrestling and as per usual in the latter half of this season Mike is speaking sense! Get him off the drugs and see if this will help Jesus in the long run. This could potentially be a good story as it gives young people hope that they can overcome things like ADHD without the use of drugs if that’s now what they want to do.


Judging by the promos of next week things seem to heat up between Marianna and Chase and Brandon finds himself in more trouble. When are the two lovebirds going to be left alone?


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