The Fall 2×01-2×03 ‘Walk the Line’, ‘One Named Peter’, “It’s Always Darkest’


For the uninitiated, The Fall is an excellent Netflix original series via BBC 2 that is both terrifying and visually stunning. If you haven’t seen the first series it’s still up and available to watch on Netflix and I highly recommend not watching it alone in the dark. There’s five episodes this season so I’ll be diving that up into two articles. The first will cover the first three episodes of season two. Gillian Anderson (Hannibal) stars as an icy cold Detective Superintendent named Stella Gibson who is investigating a series of horrific murders in Belfast. Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades of Gray) is Paul Spector, a man with a penchant for strangling beautiful brunette ladies and tying up dolls. The first season focuses on Paul actually committing the murders and Stella trying to solve them. The second season is more focused on the aftermath, who is the killer? When will they catch him? Will he strike again?

Episode one brings us right back into the fold after Paul’s failed attempt on taking Annie Brawley’s life. Annie is now assisting the police, specifically Stella Gibson, in what happened during the attack that ended up taking her brother’s life. Unfortunately she’s having a bit of a memory block and can’t seem to recall any vital details that would help with capturing Paul. Stella gives her a band to snap against her wrist whenever the thoughts get too intense and terrifying. Annie snaps it quite a bit the poor thing. Stella is also being harassed by the press over the one night stand she had with Olson, a married man, which is causing difficulties in her work life. Typical sexism rearing its ugly head, but Stella is mostly un-phased because she knows it didn’t mean anything to either of them.

Paul is hiding out in Scotland and wife seems to have left him for good now. Sally Ann is staying with her parents in Belfast with his

Source: Netflix

Source: Netflix

daughter when she runs into their underage babysitter, Kate, who Paul told her he had an affair with. When she confronts Kate about it, Kate tells her that it’s not what happened at all, in fact, Paul attacked her and took a lock of her hair. This leads Sally Ann to call back Paul and tell him to stay away from their family for good. Meanwhile, Paul goes back to Belfast to tie up some loose ends, mainly Rose Stagg, who gave a description of him to the police which looks an awful lot like him. He finds her asleep in her home and abducts her after distracting her daughter and takes her to a remote location.

In episode two, Stella is having nightmares and seems to be getting behind on the case. Rose is soon discovered missing and Stella realizes that the information that was given to the press may have just signed her death certificate. When they go to interview Rose’s husband he knows nothing but her daughter Nancy tells them a man named Peter was there last night. Stella steps up the investigation hoping to catch Paul before he kills again. Paul begins wreaking havoc around Belfast first by hiding Rose away, and then going to see Annie in the hospital under the guise of being her new case worker. In a very unnerving scene, he tells her that nothing that happened was her fault and she doesn’t recognize him. Later, Katie kidnaps Olivia, Paul’s daughter, hoping to exchange her for sex with Paul because this chick is messed up in the head. Her plan doesn’t work however and Paul tells her to stay away from his family. Meanwhile, Stella gets a print match on the shears used to kill Annie’s brother and she’s now certain that Paul is the killer. Especially after getting a phone call from him via Rose’s cell phone.

In episode three, Stella announces to her squad that Paul Spector is their prime suspect. The detectives visit Sally Ann and she tells them the truth, that Paul was gone the night of the 20th and that their babysitter Kate was there all night. When they go to interview Kate she tells them the opposite, that Paul was home at 9:30 PM and she left at 3 AM. Gibson sees right through this BS however, and now is suspicious of Kate. Kate calls Spector to tell him that she was questioned and they meet up later for dinner. He tells her he’s not the murderer and somehow convinces her he’s just pulling an elaborate prank on Stella and he needs her help. Of course, Kate agrees because she’s a dumb sixteen-year-old with a huge crush on a psychopath. Paul then goes to Stella’s hotel room while she’s out meeting with a friend to find out more about his arch

Source: Netflix

Source: Netflix

enemy. Mainly he just goes through her clothing and lingerie because he’s a creepy serial killer. He also reads her diary where he finds out that she’s having nightmares. While this is happening, Kate breaks into the Spector home and takes selfies in the mirror like a dummy and is soon being followed by the police. When Stella returns to her room she finds that the background has been changed on her computer to the painting “The Nightmare.” A clear sign that Paul has broken in and knows about her dreams.

I really like how the series is progressing thus far and I’m very interested to see what happens next. I’m assuming they’ll be wrapping up the storyline left over from last season and that there won’t be a third season but it’s been a wild ride. I’d love to see more of Stella Gibson, the hard-working, bisexual, ice queen who gets it done despite being blocked at every turn by her incompetent superiors. What did you think? Tell me in the comments!

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