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For those following along at home, this is the review of the episodes four through six of The Fall season two. There’s been some major developments in the case, Stella Gibson is coming closer to putting Paul Spector away for good and he knows it. He’s become increasingly paranoid and is engaging in very risky behavior. Such as stringing along Katie, the sixteen-year-old blinded by her obsession for him. Part one can be found here.

In episode four, Stella reviews the CCTV footage shot outside her hotel room with Jim and discovers that Spector did in fact, break into her room and was there while she and Jim were fighting. She seems most upset by the loss of her private dream journal if you ask me though, and she’s called to meet with the new and very cute DS Tom Anderson do investigate a body matching the description of Rose Stagg in a park. Turns out it isn’t Rose, but a suicide and Stella pins her hopes on her investigators that will be raiding Spector’s home while he and his wife are out at a birthday party with their children. Unfortunately, one of the CSI folks falls straight through the ceiling which cancels out their important mission and they miss a very valuable clue. Spector’s hidden sketchbook which is full of illustrations and probably insane poetry to boot.

Source: Netflix

Source: Netflix

Meanwhile, Spector returns home to find his home in shambles and calls up Katie to ask her to do him a favor. In my opinion, this episode felt almost like filler and really dragged on in places.

In episode five, things are really kicking into fifth gear and Spector’s past is revealed: he was adopted by a friendly Jewish couple and may have been molested by a priest. Say what now? Jim goes to visit the defrocked priest convicted of molestation to question him about Spector. The priest is SUPER creepy when questioned about the case, and he says been following the case with a lot of interest. YIKES. Plus he also talks about how all of his victims enjoyed being molested with glee so he’s just a great guy. Anyway, he turns out to be quite valuable and gives Jim a detailed account of young Paul’s habits such as stealing underwear and being a voyeur. Is it just me or does this guy look like a creepy version of Mr. Garrison?         Meanwhile, Spector starts burning up the pages of his weird diary. Then he goes out for a run which almost ends his life when he runs into one of his old patient’s ex-husband and ends up getting into a huge fight. The police arrest him for the abduction of Rose Stagg and Spector looks truly worried. They also arrest his wife Sally Ann for perverting justice by lying for Spector and she immediately confesses that she lied. Sally Ann tells them that Paul was having an affair with Katie and wants to know if this is about that. We also find out what Spector asked Katie to do last episode: go to their secret hotel room and destroy evidence. Too bad for Katie because she’s arrested and charged with destroying evidence. Stella obtains a treasure trove of evidence from both Katie and Paul Spector including video files of Rose Stagg begging Paul for her life. Under questioning, Paul doesn’t crack, but with the evidence mounting he won’t stay silent for long. This was a brilliant episode that paid off the long wait to see Paul get taken into custody.

In episode six, Stella closes in on the location where Paul held Rose Stagg captive. Whenever she investigates the scene she doesn’t find rose but has the area cordoned off to search for further evidence. Investigators also obtain explicit video that Paul sent to Katie which leads them to question her about the exact nature of their relationship. She tells them all about the illicit affair they had and that they are deeply in love, even when the threat of going to jail is shoved in her face, she stubbornly refuses to stop lying for him. During this, Sally Ann finds out why her husband was truly arrested and doesn’t really react the way I thought she would.

Source: Netflix

Source: Netflix

Stella has several investigators question Paul, but he only wants to talk to her. When she sits down to talk to him she has him take her all the way back to his childhood when his mother committed suicide. After dodging questions for a while, Paul tells her he feels god-like and then he confesses to murdering all of the women he stands accused of murdering. This scene is so well shot I couldn’t take my eyes off of the screen. The front-facing camera angles make you feel as though you’re in the room with a murderer who’s confessing and it’s very unnerving. Stella gets what she needs from Paul and he tries to cut her down but she’s like: nah son. You’re tired and sad. Later, they take Paul to the forest to find Rose Stagg and Stella discovers her car with Rose locked in the trunk but still alive. When Stella comes back she witnesses both Paul and the new DT Tom Anderson being shot. It’s unknown whether they both survive.

The Fall is one of the best crime series I’ve ever seen. It’s cold, somber, tone is not one of gawking and shock, but one of acceptance of the bleak and immoral reality we’re all accustomed to. This show just feels honest and takes an unflinching look into the darkest corners of the human mind. Stella Gibson is the ice-cold queen we all need to protect us from the darkness, while still clinging on to our most human elements. Paul Spector is the darkest part of mankind who still feels cheated out of his childhood and wants to protect all children. This pairing feels natural and is one of the best elements of the show. If you enjoyed this program, I highly recommend Top of the Lake. Very similar bleak crime drama, but even more depressing and dark.

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