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The Crazy Ones 1×21/22 ‘The Monster/ The Lighthouse’: The swing vote


Well that’s a wrap. The last two episodes aired back-to-back to form a mega season (hopefully not series) finale. Thankfully, the show went out with a bang and delivered two amazing episodes along with great performances by all the cast members. 

The performance of the week goes to… All of them. I really cannot say one person did better than the other. Sarah was great playing the daughter of a mother who is filled with empty promises. Her cry is still on point from her Buffy days. Robin was a little too eccentric these episodes but still nevertheless was funny. Setton, who has been perfect these last few episodes, was still great. Although Zach and Andrew have been having less screen-time together lately, they were very funny too.



Could all admit that Sydrew is a perfect couple? We really don’t know what happens after the kiss but I severely doubt Andrew would not kiss her back. I think they would last. They are cute couple and their quirks go hand and hand with each other. I’m sad that this could possibly be the last time we see them together but I’m glad the writers gave us the satisfaction.

I’m pretty sure CBS has sabotaged the show from day 2. In the beginning, the show had AMAZING ratings because it had Big Bang Theory as the lead-in. But no, CBS had put the stupid The Millers before it. A show that no one wanted to watch in the first place. So Crazy Ones got pushed to a worst time-slot, began to lose viewers, and is now on the verge of cancellation. Now on the season finale, the show went down in ratings even though it went back to it’s old time slot. Want to know why it dropped? All the shows on the network that night were repeats. REPEATS. Why would you not try to help it especially on it’s finale. The episodes average 1.5 demo and 6.5 million. That’s not going to help it get renewed, unfortunately.



Overall, I do not think the show could have ended any better. It had two great guest stars, Brad Garrett (a recurring star) and Marilu Henner. Henner especially did great as the not so great mother. I’m glad she decided to stay locally for her daughter in the end. I would love to see her again if they get a season 2. I’m literally praying that CBS will give the show a second chance. It’s my favorite show of the TV season by far. To make a case for it: it’s different from the other comedies on the network, doesn’t have a redundant laugh track, and has great chemistry.

For all who are reading, do you think the show will get renewed?

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