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The Crazy Ones 1×20 ‘Love Sucks’: Nanu Nanu


Not their best episode. This highly anticipated episode sadly did not hold up. This week’s had Pam Dawber (Mindy from Mork and Mindy) guest star. Unfortunately, she was only in it for probably two minutes tops. They really needed to utilize her because the reason so many people wanted to tune into this episode was because it was reunion between her and Robin Williams.

The performance of the week goes to… Sarah Michelle Gellar. Although she wasn’t in it too much this week, I thought her parts were funny. This weeks wasn’t hilarious but Gellar’s small part stood out. In this episode, she had fallen and hurt her ankle. I love how melodramatic she was about it. The ending with her and the obsessive girl was hysterical.



This week technically had two guest stars. Both Pam Dawber and Brad Garrett were in it. Garrett was practical the main focus of the episode. His husband had kicked him out because he was not being spontaneous enough. Good reason… Right? Then of course his character sang “Wrecking Ball” to him and then all was well. The other guest appearance was Dawber, who barely had a part. She was dating Simon and eventually breaks up with him for not being focused and he didn’t believe in their relationship. Her character had nothing special to her. They could have made her crazy, spastic, or obsessive but instead they made her normal. I did love when she called him an alien but that was the only special part she got.

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The ratings were flat this week… Which isn’t an awful thing. This week had a 1.7 demo and 6.9 million viewers. Viewership went up almost half a million but the demo stayed the same. It really has to go up in the demo because that’s what network executives see. It’s still great though that it went up in viewers.

Overall, this episode wasn’t bad but it could have been great. Okay so next week’s episode is the hour-long finale since they’re combining two episodes. Thankfully, it’s returning back to it’s old time slot, so it could end on a high note. It MUST go up next week to show CBS that people care about the show and want it to stay.

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  • riverrat

    I totally agree. I tuned in to see Pam Dawber and was disappointed in how much airtime she actually got. What I did see however was absolutely amazing. It looked like her and Robin left off from where they were 32 years ago.

    Kinda surprised viewership wasn’t more than it was. Yes it was up, but I thought it would have been more, especially with all the hype surrounding Pam’s return So many stories from both Pam and Robin about reuniting, and it was fabulous hearing them. My favorite was a story Pam revealed in an interview,. In the restaurant scene, where Robin’s character Simon breaks things off with Lily. in between takes, Robin kept asking Pam is she was comfortable doing those scenes. Pam responded that she was, only to find out Robin wasn’t. He found it extremely difficult to be “mean” to Pam’s character because he has so much love and respect for her. In fact, for the two days that Pam was shooting, Robin was very nervous, wanting to make sure that Pam was comfortable.

    All in all, a good show, but disappointing in that Pam wasn’t on as much as I would have liked. If the Crazy Ones gets a second season, I’m sure Pam will be back. That’s the days I will be looking forward too.

    • Zayne Mills

      Like the six million people that watched it wanted to see her and Williams together. We did see them together but it was too quick. I’m hoping the finale will go up because it returning back to its old time slot. It HAS to get renewed, it’s seriously one of my favorite shows of the year!

      • riverrat

        I agree Zayne. I want a season 2.