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The Crazy Ones 1×19 ‘Danny Chase Hates Brad Paisley’: A promise is a promise


After a two week break, The Crazy Ones is back and better than ever. This episode is probably the funniest of the season so far. This week’s featured two guest stars, Brad Paisley and Josh Groban. Basically, Zach over-promises in order to be like Simon and get a client. Zach promises Danny Chase (Josh Groban) and Brad Praisley. Unfortunately, Chase hates Paisley over something that happened years ago. What made it funny was that the cast as whole were perfect and had amazing chemistry.The week’s performer of the week goes to… Amanda Setton (Lauren). For the first time, I thought Lauren really shined. She’s had great episodes before, but this week, she was hysterical. From the first scene with the barbecue sauce shots, to her last with Sydney, Setton was the star. Honorable mention goes to Robin Williams.



Something that has been pushed all season was very evident in this episode. It was very obvious that Sydney was jealous of Andrew’s new girlfriend who happens to be her assistant. I wonder if on the season finale, they’ll finally end up together. I just hope it isn’t going to be like some annoying back and forth, “I love you but I can’t be with you” mess.

The ratings went up this week… Thankfully. Last episode had a 1.7 demo while this week had a 1.8. This is great because it’s on the bubble of cancellation. If it does not continue to go up, it will be at higher risk of cancellation. Next week could go up because it’s the Mork and Mindy reunion between Williams and Pam Dawber. I know people who loved that show will most definitely tune in.



Overall, this is probably my favorite episode. I’m not even a country music fan but I thought Brad Paisley was very funny! I’m still worried that the show will get cancelled. If the show gets cancelled, I’m definitely going to boycott CBS because it’s ridiculous that they renewed other shows that aren’t doing any better than Crazy Ones. Like renew something that’s different from all your other comedies that have the same old boring jokes and laugh tracks.

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