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The Crazy Ones 1×18 ‘March Madness’: Luck of the Irish


A million times better than last week! This week’s installment was all about St. Patrick’s Day and the rewards and consequences of it. For the first in a while, the entire cast all equally contributed to the episode. They all were really funny and had a special part. Hopefully the remaining episodes will be like this.

The performance of the week goes to… all of them. For the first time ever, the cast as a whole was amazing. All were hysterical: Lauren playing the Krispy Kreme girl, Andrew being embarrassed of his sisters, Zach with losing his looks at the end, Sydney being prideful of her accomplishment with commercials, and then Simon hating St. Patrick’s Day. If had to say someone, I would say Robin just because of his Irish accent.



Okay so news broke yesterday that CBS is renewing 18 shows including two of the new comedies. Unfortunately, not on this list was The Crazy Ones. This doesn’t mean that it’s cancelled, but it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s going to be renewed. Along with Crazy Ones, three other shows have not been decided. Hostages and Intelligence were on the list and they without a doubt are cancelled. The Mentalist was also on the list but it will probably get cancelled because it isn’t owned by CBS. This leaves Crazy Ones. It’s definitely a toss-up and out of all the shows left, it has the best chance. However, it’s expensive because of the actors and it’s a single-camera comedy. The ratings went up this week, which helps tremendously. However, it needs to go up every week. It has to show CBS that it’s here to stay and will do well next season.



Overall, I absolutely loved this episode. It was charming and amusing throughout. It makes me mad though that CBS won’t make the announcement. I would almost rather them say if they’re going to cancel it or not, because it’s killing me having to wait. For all who are reading, do you think it will get renewed? Who was the best performance this week in your opinion?

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