The Blacklist 2×22 ‘Masha Rostova’: I remember everything


Best episode ever, am I right? We got intense moments. We got major reveals. We got a sex scene. What more could we ask for? (Well, we could ask for more answers on Liz’s mom, but I am confident that we will get some this fall.)

Before I go any further, I should probably admit that just because Liz remembers everything does not mean that I do… I honestly forgot to write this review until 11pm. I had started to type it on my phone on the bus today, but there were too many distractions so I stopped and told myself to do it when I got home. Then there were distractions at home and so now I just remembered that I had to review and yes. So here we go.

The title used for this review is the title that was originally used for promoting the episode. It was revealed that “Masha Rostova” is Liz’s real name, which wouldn’t make sense as the episode title because she isn’t on Red’s Blacklist. However, when the opening sequence happened it was revealed that the episode was actually called “Tom Connolly” which is the Attorney General guy that Liz shot. I decided to call this episode by it’s original name because that’s how I’ve been referring to it every other time, but it is technically titled “Tom Connolly”.

Speaking of this “Tom” guy, I think it’s interesting and pretty cool that they have two characters named Tom on the same show. I guess Tom Keen is actually “Jacob” and the Connolly guy is “Thomas”, but still. It makes the show seem more realistic because Tom is a common name so having only one person named that in a big city like DC is pretty unrealistic. Although it makes it harder for me to review because I have to specify which Tom I am talking about each time I say that name.

I am a bit confused about who actually transferred the virus to the Senator guy. We know Liz was infected so it was probably her, but didn’t Karakurt come into contact with other reporters or security people who would also shake hands with the Senator? So it might not have been her fault exactly.

One big plot twist was that Harold Cooper actually did not have cancer. I was like “what” for a good three minutes before I finally realized that it was Tom Connolly’s fault and he had tricked Cooper into thinking he was sick. I don’t remember if they came to this conclusion, but I know it was to control Cooper. If he thought that his only chance to survive was to stay on the treatment, then he would be easy to manipulate or else they would cancel his treatment and he would die. So now it’s kind of his fault that everything happened the way it did because he was so gullible.

The second big plot twist was Liz shooting Tom Connolly which brought back her memories of the night of the fire. So she remembers that she shot her dad because he was abusing her mom, but that still doesn’t exactly explain who Red is to Liz. I’m going to bet on Uncle (or Dad, although it’s pretty much been said that he isn’t her real dad so I don’t know anymore).

In the end, Ressler is now in charge of the task force with Aram and Samar (Red’s inside man) also still working there. Cooper has resigned, but at least he isn’t sick. Tom Keen is… I can’t remember what’s going on but he isn’t dying and his almost dead body hasn’t gone missing again. Red and Liz are leaving for a while as they are now both on the Top Ten Most Wanted.

After watching the episode, I made the comment to my family that this was the first season finale that none of the main characters were killed off. Then I told them that it was only the second season’s finale. Do you think we can make it another season without a major death? I kind of doubt it, but the Blacklist returns this fall to NBC. See ya then.

On a non-Blacklist related note, I have news about my other two shows that I review. Once Upon A Time was renewed for a fifth season, which I am really excited about. Resurrection, another ABC show, was not so lucky. It was unfortunately cancelled due to low ratings, but the show did wrap up most of it’s stories, so its bittersweet. Be sure to check out what shows got renewed and what got cancelled, as well as what’s new this year.

EDIT: Hisham Tawfiq, the actor who portrays Dembe Zuma, has been upgraded to Regular Cast for Season 3. After already appearing in almost every episode, this upgrade must mean that he will talk more and have a bigger story line, especially now with him being separated from Red and Liz.

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