The Blacklist 2×21 ‘Karakurt’: Fire in the Hole


This week’s episode was pretty intense and I really liked it even though we still didn’t get a lot of information on Liz and Red’s past. There was a lot going on though and it really helped get the viewers pumped up for the season finale. 

This episode sparked my interest because of the biological aspect of it. A virus being created to target a specific person based on DNA seems crazy but also kind of cool. I mean, I didn’t exactly enjoy the blood and death that the virus caused, but the concept for it was pretty cool. This creates the question, though, of if there is such a virus in real life and if there is, does the public know about it or is it being kept hidden. I know it sounds very “conspiracy theory”, but isn’t that basically what this show is about? Ok, so I didn’t do any research to see about this sort of virus because I am honestly too lazy, but if you know of anything like this then I would love if you commented below. Or just commented to say that you read this review. I don’t care, I’m just lonely. Haha.

Getting back on track, I was a little confused by the guy that got Cooper the medical opportunity. I still have trouble remembering his name, but the name isn’t important. What’s important is that he is partially responsible for the whole attempted murder of the Senator. I knew he was a bad guy, but I didn’t realize that he would be this bad. To think that Cooper’s life is kind of in this guy’s hands is a bit unsettling as well, because at any point in time, the treatment could be cancelled and Cooper could potentially die. I mean, the writers already tried to kill him off at the end of Season One, so why not finish the job this season?

Last but not least, Liz is in a bit of a bad spot. After pretty much ignoring Tom for at least two days, she is now being hunted down because she is trying to find the mythical Katarina Rostova who she believes is her mother. I don’t really understand why it’s such a big deal, but obviously this Katarina lady isn’t just a myth given that Liz is now going to be Wanted.

That promo though! Next week, “Masha Rostova” is the season two finale. What I got out of the promo is that Liz is now wanted (#RunLizzieRun) and she also gets her memories of The Fire back. Red looks extremely distraught by this, so it must be really bad. Luckily, Season 3 is confirmed so the episode will most likely end in some sort of cliffhanger, or leave at least one loose end like they did with Tom’s “death” in the first season.

Sorry that I don’t have a lot to say this week. I have just been kind of busy focusing on school because I’m in my last two weeks of high school and I need to make sure that I keep my grades up to hopefully get a higher scholarship from my college (because the Lord knows I will have to take out a ton of loans otherwise). I will do my best to make next week’s review extra long as it is the finale.

SIDE NOTE: As the announcements for the 2015-2016 come, it has been revealed that Resurrection has been cancelled so I will be unable to review a third season. To be honest, I kind of saw the cancellation coming with the ending of Season 2. Click here to read the finale’s review. The other two shows that I review, The Blacklist (aka the show that this whole review is about) and Once Upon A Time, have been renewed for a third season and a fifth season respectively.

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