The Blacklist 2×19 ‘Leonard Caul’: It’s not gonna devour you

The Blacklist "Leonard Caul"

This week’s episode was amazing, but not for the reason that I normally judge the show by. There was so much action in “Leonard Caul” as well as some of the Red and Liz mystery being solved. “Solved” isn’t really the right word, but it’s moving along well.

Red getting shot may have been surprising, but I wasn’t worried at all. They can’t kill him off, because he’s the main character. (Although I heard Grey’s Anatomy recently suffered the loss of a main character, so maybe I shouldn’t pass too quick of a judgement.) But with three episodes as well as at least one more season, it was pretty safe to assume that Red would recover from his injuries.

Liz finally tracked down the man who could help her unlock the Fulcrum. Ok, so I think it was Leonard Caul (the Blacklister of this episode), but one website says Liz had to find Nicholas Caul so now I’m confused and wishing that I had payed closer attention to the episode. Whoops. Anyways, Liz found the Director, who is basically the root of all of Red’s troubles with the Fulcrum, and she told him off which was pretty cool because she did it without Red’s assistance.

Tom is back this week (although he never left really) and he actually helped Liz and Red. Although he said he was only doing it for Liz’s sake. Tom let the doctors come into his home – er, warehouse – and save Red’s life, which was kind of weird except for the fact that Tom seems to still be in love with Liz. However, wasn’t he planning to move and make a new identity for himself so he could live in peace and have a boat? This now seems unlikely because he is too deep into the plot. I think his only way out is through being killed (for real this time, although hopefully not by Liz who also seems to still be a little bit in love).

Was I the only one who didn’t know about Dr. Ex-Fiance? He seemed a bit aggressive towards Tom, with good cause though. But then again, Tom was only in Liz’s life because of Red… So basically it’s Red’s fault that Liz didn’t get married to the doctor, which I honestly should have seen coming. I wonder if there’s any other love interests of Liz that we don’t know about (or that I don’t know about because obviously I don’t pay enough attention to the show sometimes, hence why I don’t know the Dr.’s name).

Why did I like this episode so much? Well, the Fulcrum mystery is over, or close to over as it is probably what leads into the Season Finale. Also, there was a lot of action. The attack on the warehouse was one of the most epic scenes of this season in my opinion. I was very happy the Mr. Kaplan was willing to risk her life for Red, but now I wonder what she knows after Red told her that she knows what to do should he die. Then Red killed some people who were coming to kill him. The only issue I had with the big fight was that it seemed like all of the good guys that were a part of the battle seemed to get killed except for Tom, Dembe, and Red. How did they avoid the machine guns? And why am I now classifying them as good guys? The world may never know.

There are only three episodes left until Season 2 is over!? Tune in next week for “Quon Zhang”. If you watched the promo for the final episodes, it appears that Liz is going to be targeted, she seeks help from Tom, and her coworker Samar seems to be… SHOOTING DEMBE?!?! To be perfectly honest, I gasped loudly and didn’t breath for a few seconds, just staring at the screen. They obviously can’t kill Red with a whole new season already announced, but Dembe is a secondary character. I mean, they already killed Luli last season…

PS. I’m sorry for missing the previous episode’s review. I was on vacation and I honestly just watched the episode two days ago. I really am trying to keep up with all of the episodes though, so please don’t hate me. Also, I really do like this show, but sometimes I just get bored when people talk for more than three minutes so I zone out and probably miss a lot. I’m trying really hard to pay attention though, especially when episodes like this one come along.

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