The Blacklist 2×17 “The Longevity Initiative”: The science didn’t work


I’m back! What did you think of “The Longevity Initiative”? I thought it was really good. The whole concept of the episode was interesting. It also continued the overall story line of Liz’s missing memories and how read relates to it all. I think this episode and the previous one, “Tom Keen”, were the best since “Luther Braxton (Conclusion)”. 

The beginning with the state trooper getting killed when he stops the fruit truck was pretty intense. I was like “what is he so shocked by?” Given that the show has shown some pretty gory things, I don’t know why I expected anything else. When I saw people with their heads cut open, I covered the screen because I does like “ew”.


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I don’t exactly know who the guy is that was talking to Harold Cooper, but I really don’t like him. He definitely had something to do with Cooper almost getting pulled off the treatment list. I think he’s probably too corrupt to be working for the government, considering he is protecting a criminal. I’m just glad that the bad news that the doctor told to Harold wasn’t that the treatment had stopped working or something. It was just really exciting to see Harold up and walking again without a cane.

One of my favorite things about the episode was the glowing rabbit. It didn’t really serve any purpose and the episode, but it was just really interesting and cool to see. And then the immortal jellyfish were also pretty sweet. The whole concept of using their DNA to potentially make humans immortal was hard to understand, but awesome to think about at the same time.

However, it turned out that Julian Powell, the doctor, wasn’t trying to make people immortal. He was actually trying to help his fiancée with brain problems. I should’ve thought about it more, but I didn’t realize why this guy was so important to Red until it actually explained. All he wanted was to get Liz’s memories back. But Dr. Powell killed himself, so we are now at another dead-end.

The final thing was a little bit dramatic. Liz has dealt with so much throughout the two seasons of the show, yet Tom being in her apartment still freaked her out. Even though Tom is a criminal, I think he still loves Liz because he had the picture from the ultrasound still. I’m glad that they are “together” again, even if it’s just to keep Tom safe.

With only five episodes left this season, hopefully we get some more answers from Liz’s screwed up memories. On the other hand, there’s a pretty good chance of one of the main characters getting injured and/or killed (see Season 1’s Meera Malik).

Tune in next week for “Vanessa Cruz”. Hooray for another female Blacklister! Also, Red is going to try to get the Fulcrum from Liz because of a “life-and-death situation”. So it should be pretty interesting.

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