The Blacklist 2×14 ‘T. Earl King VI’: Never do it again


This episode had one of my favorite plots that wasn’t centered around Liz’s childhood and Red’s connection to her. There were so many good scenes, I honestly can’t pick a favorite. We got to see some characters that haven’t been around in a while and we got some answers to small questions. Let’s get to the review. 

Tom is back! Well, not exactly back because he is now in Germany on a new assignment. However, he made contact with Liz before he left and the content of this conversation almost seemed friendly. Tom basically told Liz to be careful while going undercover, but not in so many words. The most interesting thing, I think, is that Liz actually used the “sneeze if you are unable to answer because the asker will most likely forget their question” tactic that Tom suggested. I think, even after everything that they have been through, Tom may really care for Liz and she will probably see that later on. Of course, this is a drama and they’ll probably kill of Tom (for real this time) and have Liz mourn him. You never know with this show. (SMALL SPOILER: In two week’s, the episode is apparently called “Tom Keen” so that should be interesting.)

OK so I still don’t 100% understand what is going on with Cooper. I caught that he has a tumor and not very long to live. I didn’t hear him mention the treatment in that conversation though, so I am a little worried. Things will hopefully work out though. I think he is being a bit overprotective of his agents too. He didn’t want Liz going undercover at a hopefully safe place. But over the last few weeks, they have gone into situations that they knew would be dangerous and it didn’t really sound like Cooper was more worried about that.

Red was a little out of line at the end of the episode. I think Liz was right that he is damaged in his thinking that no one can save him. This scene was honestly so powerful because it showed that even with all of Red’s crap that Liz puts up with, even though she said she would not have any relationship except a professional one with him, she still cares for him so deeply. She put her own life in danger to rescue him from dying even though she knew he was completely against it.

It was nice to have a few older characters return for this episode. The obvious one being Tom. Madeline Pratt from 1×14 and that one guy from the army camp, whose name I really can’t remember. were also back, which was interesting because they’ve each only been in one episode each(?). I like having them back though because it continues the different stories.

I know this was a short review, but I hope you enjoyed it. Tune in next week for “The Major” which will bring us back to the murder of the DC Harbormaster. Hopefully Liz makes it through the trial without any issues. HA! Who am I kidding. There’s going to be a whole bunch of trouble.

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