The Blacklist 2×13 ‘The Deer Hunter’: Scouting the prey


After watching this creepy episode, I was a bit nauseous.The murder was… different than normal. Liz questioned her morals which was interesting. Red changed someone’s mind because he does care about Liz. Also, I tried a different style of writing for this review. All good things…

For the first time, I am reviewing the episode as I watch it (for the most part at least). So, I just saw the description of the Deer Hunter and was disgusted about the bite out of the liver. I did not like that very much. I was super excited when Red got the call from the mysterious man. I thought that maybe they would give us answers right away. But when has that ever been the case with this show?

I really enjoyed Red’s analysis of the Deer Hunter. Everything he said that proved that it was in fact a woman sounded extremely convincing. Then, seeing the lady’s scene almost made me feel bad because she seemed genuinely upset. But then she got super creepy.

The fact that Elizabeth thought that she wouldn’t get caught is surprising to me. She should have known someone would connect her to the crime, whether a bystander or Tom. Although I am really excited that Tom is returning, because he definitely adds more drama to Liz’s life.

I was super confused about how there was the Deer Hunter and then the copycat. How could someone even tolerate doing those things. It makes me nauseous just watching it. I don’t even know how I would feel if I was the one doing it. I guess if I was actually doing the killing then I would be able to tolerate it otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it.

The next victim of the Deer Hunter hanging from the tree was disturbing and I felt really bad for the little girl who saw it. You don’t just get rid of that sort of image, especially when you are young and don’t have that many big memories yet.

This lady was legitimately insane. She was talking to her animals and she looked creepily at Liz, who was hanging from the ceiling. It was just a really creepy look that I didn’t enjoy.

I did not like seeing Liz strangle the lady. I wasn’t even thinking about Tom strangling the one guy. It just made me uncomfortable because Liz doesn’t seem like the type of person who would strangle someone. I think she would shoot someone, although I doubt she would shoot for the kill unless she absolutely had to. But strangling is something different and not like her.

I wish the episode had more Red. When he was on, though, he was rocking the coat with the fur. He definitely has a different sense of style than most guys do. Also, I want more answers to Liz’s history. We probably have to wait until the season finale,  though… Sadness.

I did not expect Liz to reveal that she had the Fulkrum (or however you spell it). I still want to know what it is though. Come on Red. Just tell us. Although he did have a point. Liz might just be looking for a way to not talk to Red anymore.

Tune in next week for “T. Earl King VI”. I probably won’t write it’s review as I watch, unless people like it better. I doubt it though. The main reason that I didn’t really enjoy this was because it was harder to pay attention, plus these paragraphs were all really short. But it was worth a shot. So just remember to watch The Blacklist next week and read my review if you want to.

Nathan S.

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