The Blacklist 2×12 ‘The Kenyon Family’: People will die


Hello friends! Dylan (the previous The Blacklist reviewer) had to drop out of reviewing this show and he asked me if I wanted to take over. Obviously I said yes because this show is amazing (and it’s at a more convenient time for me than it used to be). Anyways, let’s get on to the review. 

Sometimes this show is hard for me to watch because I want to find out the whole mystery behind Liz and Red. The Luther Braxton episodes were two that I was very interested in because they talked more about Red’s past and the fire. Although we then find out that the memories were already tampered with and what we had seen was not entirely accurate. Regardless, last week’s episode and then this one didn’t really explain anything about that mystery except for the device that Liz found. I am sure, however, that somehow these Blacklisters will tie in to the bigger mystery at some point in the series.

I was definitely paying more attention this week than I did last week because the promo made it look fantastic, which it was. Of course, the other reason that I watched more intently was because I had to review it. Anyways, this episode was really weird to watch because it was mostly centered on child abuse. Not exactly the type of child abuse that we might think, but these kids were either being used as weapons or they were thrown out into the wilderness to fend for themselves.

Whenever Samar is in danger, like when she walked up to the bomb car, I get really nervous. Then I realize, they already killed off Meera last season (which I am still so angry about), so I doubt they would kill off her replacement… at least not yet. Plus it would break Aram’s heart if Samar was killed, as we saw in the Luther Braxton episodes when Aram was freaking out.

Near the end of the episode, it was kind of nice to find out that one of the first boys to get abandoned (was he the first?) had taken all of the others under his protection. And then that guy got shot. I should probably rewatch this part because I was like “Wait. Who just shot him?” It was sad, but also probably necessary considering that there had been so much bloodshed by this group of boys.

The Safe

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The exchanges between Red and Glen were hilarious. I think that this was one of the subplots of the episode that was really important to the bigger picture because they were trying to find Fitch’s safe. Glen should definitely become a recurring character because he is great comic relief. I mean, it is his second episode after all. Moving on, I was confused about the car that Red found. Was it… The President’s car? It looked very patriotic to me. However, it was the phone call that Red made that confused me even more. At first, he seemed to recognize the voice on the other end. But he asked who was on the phone, so maybe Red knew who was supposed to have that number and was shocked that it wasn’t who he thought.

The other part of the plot that is definitely big picture is Cooper’s story line. He was offered the position of (I can’t remember the word…) President (?) of the task force. I think. Wow, I definitely need to pay more attention. Anyways, one of his friends got Cooper a spot in a medical trial. Now, I once again am blanking, but does Cooper have cancer or is it something else? Or have we not found out the specifics? This scene made me like Harold Cooper even more because he was more concerned about taking someone else’s spot than getting the treatment himself. But his friend reassured him that he was added to the trial, not bumping someone out of it.

I don’t really know what to say about Liz in this episode. I don’t think she really grew much as a character. She is still very angry at Red, but that’s all I really got out of the episode last night for her. I know that she will be more important next week, so hopefully we get more development.

All in all, I think the episode was amazing! Thanks for reading my first The Blacklist review and tune in next week for “The Deer Hunter” which, like every episode, sounds pretty intense. I am a little worried after seeing the promo because it looks extremely gory. Hopefully my stomach can handle that. I’m also particularly excited about the return of a familiar face because it hopefully means more drama! And on a side note, I just found out that The Blacklist was renewed for a Season Three, so I am very excited! Although that does mean that the Liz and Red mystery will continue with only little answers here and there.

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