The Blacklist 2×06 ‘The Mombasa Cartel’: “Lizzie’s locker mystery”


The Most Dangerous Game is a short story I read in high school and have seen countless of times as parodies on TV from an episode of Archer, American Dad and now The Blacklist with a twist of poachers being staked out and brought to this random piece of land to be hunted, killed and stuffed for fun. 

As much as these poachers become sport for this giant mentally handicapped man hidden from the public, his mother and brother (who actually capture these people in order for this guy to have his “fun”) accidentally have Don Ressler on their doorstep and he becomes the hunted. Something they are doing on this show that is becoming so overplayed is the drug-addict act. Don is becoming addicted to his pain meds and goes through bad withdrawal while being chased by the mountain madman. Agent Lizzie is the only one who seems aware of his odd behavior at work and doesn’t pry I believe because she has a secret of her own worth hiding so she feels she is on even ground with Ressler. To prove that she gives him a bottle of fresh pills as he recovers from his crazy encounter with this giant monster stuffing people for fun.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Speaking of secrets, Reddington shares the secret background of Dembe, being taken from his village as a child while his whole family was murdered in front of him by rebels. Reddington manages to hunt down the man who was in charge of Dembe’s past and shoots the man even though Dembe says its not worth it to kill him, but for Reddington it is worth it to kill someone who caused so much harm to someone he holds dear.

Speaking of someone he holds dear, he deliberately eats at the food truck Zoe works at and leaves his hat in order for her to chase after him to return the hat. He gives her a fake name by calling himself Kenny and she makes him put on the hat saying it makes him look sharp before saying she will see him around. With this interaction  I have to believe Zoe is not his daughter Jessica because you would recognize your father unless she a) has amnesia or b) Raymond looks really that different from the last time she saw him. Even so, his voice will set her off if he was her true father so I don’t know how Zoe fits in (maybe Jessica’s best friend) but I hope we figure out that mystery soon.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

The last big secret (that fans could see from a mile away–including my mother) was what is being held inside Lizze’s Locker–Tom. Chained up like caged animal, a grizzly bearded Tom has answered Lizzie’s questions these past few episodes (which they haven’t revealed to the audience) but he seems to be at her mercy, which is kind of nice. They don’t mention how she found him or captured him but there seems to be a bigger interaction between Tom and Lizzie for next week’s promo so I’m excited to see the exchange. I’m especially excited to see if Reddington will be able to see through Lizzie’s lies, (since he can already tell she is hiding something) find Tom and end up doing something he may regret. Who knows the storyline is slowly progressing along–only one episode left until the Fall Finale so I hope they leave the series on a high note. Now that Tom is back I can’t wait to see what will be revealed and hope for a reconciliation scene between Tom and Lizzie, while she still has the upper hand.

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