The Blacklist 2×05 ‘The Front’: “Plague is the new ebola”

As if a real Ebola scare wasn’t enough they had to scare audiences this week with a radical group exposing the D.C. area (and then the world) with a 600 year old strain of the plague. 

A radical environmentalist group is unhappy with the way the Earth is being treated by humans, how species are going extinct and the pollution is killing our ozone so they decide to take out the threat–the human race. The leader tries to kill his pregnant wife for backing out on the group because she doesn’t want to die for the cause she wants to save her child, however she is struck by a cab and is brain dead, only in the hospital so she can safely deliver her unborn child. The group’s willing sacrifice–Sharon, is the first to breathe in this disease and after the incubation period of 9-hours it becomes airborne and kills that person within a day. Once this 600 year old strain of the plague hits the D.C. and Sharon dies the FBI is trying to solve this case as fast as they can, but Lizzie seems distracted.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Lizzie learns that Reddington is trying to look for his daughter and when she confronts him about it he remarks that she is jealous of his daughter and he finds that oddly comforting, saying they have a special relationship all their own. He knows Lizzie is hiding a secret of her own and she is in no mood to tell anyone about it. She knows Reddington has a tail on her so she hires a girl that looks like her to pretend to go to a therapist while Lizzie is out at this locker, which holds a mystery.

During this whole plague outbreak Lizzie helps an infected and shot Samar Navabi keep calm and she reminisces about Tom and how about this time last year she was happily married and had a baby she was going to adopt. A few times throughout this episode we see a flashback of Lizzie thinking about Tom and secretly that’s what I think she is hiding in this locker. I may be really far off but I really can’t think of anything of value she may be keeping in there and be hiding from Reddington. The cute part of this episode is how Lizzie admits to Samar that she had a great life until Reddington showed up and yet hearing about him looking for his daughter so hard made her jealous like he predicted. She feels possessive of Reddington, which is actually really sweet since all this time we just hear how much Reddington lives to protect her and how much he cares for her.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

After the tech guy, Aram tracks down the radical group off the grid Reddington pays them a visit, where the leader and his red headed new girlfriend are very much healthy and alive while the rest of their group is infected and going on planes infecting the rest of the world. He knew from their environmentalist causes in the past that they would never die for the cause so finding the pair alive means their is a cure for the strain, which he retrieves leaving them to kill themselves before the cops came to take them away. While Lizzie is recovering in the hospital with the vaccine we see Reddington right at her side, holding her hand (and Aram at the side of Samar who survived with a scent of love brewing between them). Although Lizzie is not awake he puts headphones on for her, which is such a moment for us and Lizzie to be reassured even though he is looking for his daughter there is something about Lizzie that just makes him a better man. However, Reddington successfully (using his tracker at the DMV) hunts down “The Girl” aka his daughter Jessica (I’m assuming since her name came up as Zoe). At the end of the episode sees her working at a food truck, not living lavishly but is healthy and happy and that seems to put a smile on Reddington’s face, until next week when we find out more about Jessica/Zoe and Lizzie’s secret locker.

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