The Blacklist 2×04 ‘Dr. Linus Creel’: “Warrior Gene”

Interesting subplot but we are left with more questions about Lizzie’s past then answers yet again.

Last week’s promo for this week’s showed us some promising interaction between Lizzie and Red’s ex-wife yet barely anything came to light besides the fact Reddington wants Naomi to stay away from Lizzie and make sure she doesn’t spill what she already knows. To dispel the rumors that Lizzie is in fact Reddington’s child they mention Jessica a lot more, who apparently is Naomi and Reddington’s daughter who they both lost touch with seven years ago. Even if Naomi knew where Jessica is she will not tell Reddington in order to keep her safe.

Lizzie exposes her past only a little bit for Dr. Creel who is our center storyline, as he breaks people down in order to see if they possess the “warrior gene” where in three steps of dismantling their life and some mind control they can become outright killers. The only reason the FBI gets involved in this case is because of a similarity government-funded project called “Project Seven” where they tried to go through someone’s DNA to see if they are predisposed to becoming assassins.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Lizzie throws herself into the case by meeting with Dr. Creel herself as someone who almost took their life in order to see if he will find her interesting enough to become his next experiment. She talks about how she was in a fire when she was four and how her father died in the fire. She also mentions almost taking her life in college with a friend name “Rodney” who say her take pills– she brushes it off as an accident and while those in the control room hearing her conversation may think it’s a fake storyline I couldn’t help but believe this rings true and I hope they can expand on that in future episodes.

Raymond is being his typical bad boy self  ensuring Naomi’s life with her now husband Frank goes back to normal by having his goons stop by Frank’s mistress’s house and take her dog in order to show Frank they can do a lot worse than just kidnap a dog if he continues to see her again. Raymond wants the best for everyone he cares about, even his ex-wife who he tells Frank he “looks at her more like a sister” now more than ever. And yet even though he wants to protect everyone the one thing he wants to ensure is for Naomi and Lizzie to not speak. However Lizzie tracks down the cabin she is being stashed in and steals a few moments with her alone before Reddington (who listens at the door) comes in.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Raymond and Naomi passively talk to each other about Lizzie, about how Naomi must not tell her anything and how she is slowly figuring out the puzzle of how Reddington and Lizzie’s lives connect. When Lizzie gets to speak to Naomi, Naomi actually warns her how Raymond is only in this for himself, he is able to make any girl feel like they are in the center of his world but he only does it because he needs something from them. As much as it disheartens Lizzie I think it’s what Naomi planned to say and she doesn’t really believe that Reddington is that bad of a guy. Even if this piece of information from Naomi pushes Lizzie away from Reddington now it may be in her best interest.

These tiny bits and clues about Lizzie’s life and how Reddington is connected to her is starting to tire me out though. I’m secretly wishing for a Tom sighting (that isn’t a dream) and possibly see the face of Jessica, Reddington’s real daughter. The writers offer us a lot of material to go off on I’m just hoping for something concrete before they break for the Holiday season! The end shot is just Lizzie sitting with keys to a locked door (I don’t remember where she got the keys from) but I’m interested to see if she will even open it next week, if not well then it’s another storyline being cut off from the viewers until they see a better time to fit it into the story.


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