The Blacklist 2×03 ‘Dr. James Covington’: “Your heart has been repossessed”

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Crazy dream sequence from Lizzie showing a scruffy Tom telling Lizzie to ask Reddington questions about the fire about why he turned himself in when she began working for the FBI. It’s her subconscious telling her to ask the questions she has been longing answers for. I realized it was a dream sequence when Reddington bolts through the door and shoots Tom before turning to Lizzie and saying “What do you want Agent Keene? Tell me what you want.”


Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Although it is a dream sequence it brings forth a lot of questions we have been asking as audience members and takes a peak into Lizzie’s subconscious about what she is constantly thinking about. We all know Lizzie wants to know the truth about her father and Naomi (Reddington’s wife) and the fire from her youth. They must all be connected but how the pieces fall together is hidden somewhere within the secret mind of Reddington and Lizzie. It also shows how much she still thinks about Tom, hopes that he is alive and values the questions he is making her ask herself. As much as I don’t trust Reddington, I do trust he is keeping secrets for a reason but sooner or later Lizzie will find out the truth, regardless if she is hunting down Berlin she will find time to make those connections. We all know she is capable of solving the pieces of certain secrets but will this show end once these secrets about her childhood and parents are brought out into the open? What about Reddington’s secret about his daughter?

Other than Lizzie’s subconscious Reddington has his own side storyline (although to me was confusing to follow) basically showed Reddington testing a counterpart Nico to see if he will sell him out to Berlin and Berlin’s associates (one of them was Pee-Wee-Herman in a bad wig and turtleneck). Turns out he does wish to sell out Reddington and work for Berlin, which he confesses to Pee-Wee who in turn actuarially works for Reddington and was part of this set up. Reddington kills Nico, sending a message to anyone who crosses him. This rather long side story is just reinforcing us that you can’t mess with Reddington, especially when it comes to Berlin who he is hunting relentlessly.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

The main storyline is about a doctor gone rouge for power and money.  If you don’t pay up after your transplant surgery (about 5000,000 a year) your organs get repossessed by Dr. Covington. He once was a respectable doctor until he was caught putting adult lungs into a child and had his liscence revoked. Now to keep business afloat he gives wealthily people and criminals alike the chance for new organs for a hefty price. Mr. Wyatt (had some fraud charges) wasn’t paying up so they took the organ he once got put in by Dr. Covington, which was his heart. They are able to arrest him but Lizzie seems caught between a rock and a hard place when Agent Ressler and Lizzie begin to arrest him as he is putting adult lungs in a child who desperately needs the transplant. They allow him to finish the transplant before they arrest him, as much as he uses his power for good he is still a murderer and harvests organs illegally and allows the highest bidder (criminals) to stay alive for all they are worth.

It just illuminates how matters of the heart take over our main characters. From Lizzie and her heart telling her to get the answers she desperately wants to Reddington getting his heart’s desire by slowing bringing down Berlin once and for all.


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