The Blacklist 2×02 ‘Monarch Douglas Bank’: “Make sure your passion isn’t your sickness”

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What a weak episode, very little to get excited over besides the 20-years-in-the-making-reunion of Berlin and Reddington.

I was a little disappointed with this episode. It covered a bank robbery, which nothing was stolen but a woman who Lizzie and the FBI gang assumed she was being kidnapped. The woman is very important to the Monarch Douglas Bank since it’s the bank of all notorious criminals that Reddington has crossed paths with, including Berlin and she has photographic memory of all the accounts being held there. When the team rescues her in Warsaw, Poland from her “kidnappers”, which is a famous Poland gang for robbery it turns out she was intentionally kidnapped because she became a prisoner of the bank, constantly under watch because of her superior brain and memory.

Naomi is hanging on her own, despite losing a finger and a molar she attempts to escape by shoving a chicken bone in the face of Berlin’s guard and running about the house. Before he is able to take away another limb Reddington call’s Berlin and sets up a meeting with him in Coney Island. It was so creepy to have these two grown men have such an intense meeting with such a jolly landscape behind them. The background behind them is full of color, light, happiness and laughter while they speak of the death of Berlin’s daughter and the slowly coming apart Naomi. I can seriously listen to Reddington talk for hours, his softness yet serious nature makes me hang onto every word he says, including when he offers Berlin the codes for his money in exchange for his wife alive.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

When the exchange is made at night, the carnival’s light dancing in the background, Reddington barely sniffs his wife before her being rushed to the car, with Berlin giving an eerie air kiss to Reddington. A sign to me, that the gave is not over yet. Reddington did give Berlin a huge piece of information when he said, ‘I’m not the one who killed your daughter, so we have the same enemy– the man who said I killed her’.  Now I know Reddington is always ahead of Lizzie and her team (even though Lizzie saved his butt his episode) but Berlin is the one man he can never outsmart or stay one step ahead.

Berlin and Reddington may come together now and see who really framed Reddington for Berlin’s daughter’s murder but I doubt it’s going to be a fun ride (despite all the Coney Island scenery). This will be a path paved with blood. I’m hoping Lizzie’s storyline opens up a bit more. It was definitely crazier last season with Tom and Reddington possibly being her father. I just hope the writers stay away from all these confusing plots and extra characters and give us some good, old-fashioned Reddington and Lizzie teamwork to the gritty and bloody end.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

I just love the irony of this photo, so much laughter and joy behind them when they are so diabolical in their own plans of harming those who get in their way…

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  • Dylan Phillips

    I completely agree with you on the strength of this episode. After becoming my favourite drama last season with it’s constant suspense and brilliant writing, particularly the relationship between Reddington and Keen, I was incredibly disappointed with the lack of any substance. I understand Red was trying to save his ex-wife from Berlin and therefore was a bit preoccupied, but the story there was a bit stale.

    Red usually has a stand out, amazing monologue per episode that shows how awesome he is. It lacked his charm and it lacked Keen’s storyline. Glad that Red confronted Berlin about being framed for killing his daughter, gets that part of the story behind us as fast as possible. Hoping that Tom returns soon to bring the focus back on the Keen/Reddington relationship, which is really the best part of the show. Great review, look forward to your take on the rest of this season!