The Blacklist 2×01 ‘Lord Baltimore’: I’m confident everyday

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Raymond is always getting into trouble, starting off the season in the back of a jeep in the middle of a jungle with child soldiers driving and blowing up Humvees with bazookas. Somehow Raymond went all the way to this remote area to strike a deal—3 million in cash to find out who Berlin hired as bounty hunters to get to Reddington. 

In Washington D.C., Elizabeth Keen is staring at her ceiling in a hotel covered in pictures of Reddington, Tom, his aliases, Lucy and clippings on the cases they have dealt with. It sure seems her life is a mess since Tom’s true identity was revealed but it doesn’t stop her from accepting her new case: finding Lord Baltimore. There is a Data Engineer, Rowan Mills, seemingly sweet and innocent of all criminal activity has been hacked form the outside which they assume to be associated with Lord Baltimore. They believe Rowan is Lord Baltimore, stealing data to find Reddington to give to Berlin as soon as they find an apartment in her name with a laptop that was the one hacking into accounts. However, Rowan seems very shocked and sincerely appalled that any of this was linked to her.

It is then she reveals she had a sister, a twin sister named Nora who died seven years ago in a I.E.D. explosion and yet her body was never recovered. We also hear from Rowan and her mother when being interviewed that Nora was molested by her uncle when she was seven to twelve years old. As much as it was an interesting subplot compared to Reddington’s plot of finding Lord Baltimore, the importance here is Lord Baltimore is hired to not take Reddington to Berlin but Naomi Highland, Reddington’s wife in Witness Protection. But who is Lord Baltimore and why is he obsessed with Rowan Mills? –The answer relies on Marcus, an employer of Berlin who plays a record for Rowan when he breaks into her house and we slowly see her eyes glaze over and become a totally different person, who is also a trained killer and effectively carries out the plan of taking Naomi Highland from her home and delivering her to Berlin.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Turns out it wasn’t Rowan at all. Envious of her younger sister who wasn’t molested, Nora kills Rowan and as she murders her sister, not being able to deal with the guilt she ends up triggering a separate personality associated with Dissociative Identity Disorder, becoming Lord Baltimore (Nora) and Rowan Mills at the same time. This theme of separate personalities I think shows the audience how split Elizabeth is in her life, as well as the other characters.  She gets an annulment yet keeps Tom’s last name because he was an imposter so it never truly was his name and makes it her own. Harold Cooper is split on coming back to the agency after his horrible brush with death or stay at home with the wife. Agent Donald Ressler is having a split facing his anxieties and seeing a shrink or trying to deal with his life on his own without help. The biggest split of all, not exactly personalities but in timeline patterns comes from Reddington and Berlin’s story.

After successfully capturing Naomi, Berlin leads Reddington to an empty apartment where a locket with Naomi’s face is eerily similar to that of Berlin’s daughters face in his own locket. And as we learned at the end of last season, Berlin’s daughter was sent back to him piece by piece in jail so now possessing something of great value to Reddington, he decides to return the favor (hence the split of repeating past events) and sends Naomi’s finger in a package. Do I think they will kill off Naomi so soon? No, I think she has more to say and will find a way to be saved, just not completely intact. She looks REMARKABLY like Lizzie so I’m not sure if she will ever ask that question to Naomi, but as my mom said, she would know what her own daughter looked like regardless if she hasn’t seen her in twenty years.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Keeping that theory aside, Lizzie makes some changes in her life, including a new and fresh haircut while not realizing she has a shadow stalking her in a car with the sweater hood up, which I assume (along with plenty of others) that it is Tom. Harold Cooper also comes back to work with a round of applause as the team sets back to work on getting Berlin.

So far we are already in for an interesting series, I’m just hope more themes from the other subplots give light to what is happening to our characters and their lives.



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