The Blacklist 1×22 ‘Berlin The Conclusion’: It’s just all pieces of a much larger puzzle.

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Everyone on the task force, including Reddington is a target–and the body count will rise before Reddington gets his revenge.

A lot is revealed (sort of) this episode but Reddington puts this season into perspective with the quote  to Lizzie who is begging for answers like the rest of the Blacklister audience, “It’s just all pieces of a much larger puzzle.” From Sam her father and the truth behind her father’s identity is called into question.The beginning parts of the episode are interrogations of the surviving prisoners who were all told to be on this plane by a mystery person. All the guards but one survive, which is their main witness about Berlin. All the surviving prisoners remarked had the guard’s hand  was cut off by Berlin. As they chase down leads on the escaped prisoner from the plane known as Berlin, Reddington shares a heart wrenching story about Sam to Lizzie, which is purely captivating. Tears are in Red’s eyes as he shares how brave Sam was to take Lizzie in and how it was one of the most difficult decisions in his life to kill him in the hospital.

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Source: NBC

His monologues always blow me away, with his head tilt and mystifying eyes gazing off in the distance it’s purely fantastic and truly amazing acting. The guard with the amputated hand has his own story but the show provided a flashback to show the morbid nature of Berlin’s background. Not once have we seen a flashback from Reddington’s perspective besides that odd dance recital of Swan Lake and buying the house of his past only to blow it up. The flashback for Berlin did give some eerie details on how this man’s daughter was captured while he was rotting in a Siberian prison and they brought her back to him piece by piece until he snapped and escaped.

Berlin proves to be a major threat to the team, Agent Malik is killed in a “war she didn’t even know she was fighting” when her throat is slit in a club chasing down a lead. Harold Cooper is attacked in his car and in the hospital for the rest of the episode as Berlin scratches the names off the list we still see Lizzie’s name on the top, she is the next target. Tom unfortunately is the one who gave the list of names to Berlin, who’s clear mission to get to Reddington is to kill the task force.

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Once Reddington gets his lead he goes to the apartment alone and questions Berlin, who unwillingly gives him any useful information saying it was because of the crisis in Beirut in 2010 that caused Berlin to go after him. At this time Tom finds Lizzie waiting in the car for Reddington and brings her up to where Reddington has Berlin tied to a chair and bleeding from two bullet holes in his legs. Berlin is shouting for Tom to shoot her, which Red shuts him up by putting a bullet in his head. Tom shoots at Red, grazing him and has a scuffle with Lizzie leading him to be shot three times by her in the abdomen as he lays dying she cries, he may have lied to her but you can’t imagine one day she would shoot the man she once loved. He whispers something in her ear before he loses consciousness, which causes Lizzie to look stunned.

At this time the team back at the Black Site find out the remains from a John Doe from the plane was in fact the third guard, not the one in the hospital, who they figure out to be the REAL Berlin. When they go to the hospital he is already gone trimming his beard and checking his pocket watch that has the face of the young woman we have seen as #79 in the Stewmaker episode. Lizzie goes to Reddington with this news that the real Berlin is gone, to which he claimed he already knew since his troubles with Berlin have been in place  before Beirut 2010. Lizzie comes clean with the last words Tom said to her which was, “Your father is alive.”

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Reddington stares Lizzie down and repeats to her, “I’m telling you with the most absolute knowledge that your father died in that fire.” As Lizzie stares off, Reddington still glares at her, you can tell her mind is elsewhere and she can’t accept that as the truth. When Reddington goes home he holds the picture of Berlin’s daughter (#79 in Stewmaker episode) and nurses his bullet wound, revealing a scarred mess on his back, burn scars–

Is this absolute proof Reddington is her father? I believe so. I think he metaphorically meant “her father died the night of the fire” while Reddington rose from the ashes as the Concierge of Crime that he is today, all to protect Lizzie. We won’t know the truth behind Berlin and Reddington until this September, so until then I’m rewatching this season with vigor so I can see the little details I missed before.

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