The Blacklist 1×21 ‘Berlin’: You don’t choose Berlin, he chooses you.

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Someone is after Reddington. Someone is trying to kill him. That someone is Berlin.The infamous Berlin, finally makes his way to the United States, using innocent people all poisoned with the deadliest disease on the planet to carry out his deeds to make sure of his arrival. That’s at the end of the episode, where Reddington, Lizzie and the rest of the FBI watch in horror as his airplane comes down in a heap of fire and smoke, with Reddington noting, “It has just begun.”

Now who is this deadly force? In the beginning of the episode we see Tom Keen being followed by one of Reddingon’s people, who he ends up finding and killing but before he does the guy bargains with Tom. Telling him he is one of Reddington’s main people, he can give him information, maybe be able to talk to Berlin and work for him instead and yet Tom laughs: “You don’t choose Berlin, he chooses you.”

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

As far as Lizzie knows, Tom came into her life due to Berlin trying to keep tabs on Reddington. Berlin  already knew Reddington would reach out to Elizabeth and once Tom infiltrated the situation as her husband it was easy for him to keep tabs on her and Reddington alike. Lizzie is able to decode some of the Berlin information (due to her anger at Reddington for killing Sam, her father, she gives him the cold shoulder) and figures out that the Blacklist was all calculated out by Reddington.

Each villain was connected in some way, which led to some person out to get Reddington and his inner circle so Reddington chose to face the FBI about his “list” as a way to payback all these people and find who was really out to get him, Berlin. The FBI, including Lizzie is like his army of allies, a set of resources he could use against all these people and feel safe and protected. So we do see Reddington being more of a normal human who is afraid for his life, we jut know his suave self would never admit to it.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Finally him and Lizzie are on the same page, they don’t know who Berlin is and exactly why he wants Reddington dead but I’m sure an action packed season finale will let us know the truth. The promos show Tom holding a gun to Lizzie’s head telling Red to slide his gun over to him, to which Red replies: “Not a chance.” So we get to see the former love of Lizzie’s life (Tom) go toe-to-toe with the father-figure, Raymond Reddington who loves her more than we even know, and would go through any length to protect her. I don’t know if someone is going to end up dead or shot but I’m hoping we get the answers we are looking for.

Who is Berlin? Why is he after Reddington? Why did he send Tom to be with Lizzie? And will Lizzie finally find the truth behind her father, Sam?


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