The Blacklist 1×20 ‘The Kingmaker’: Reddington, a monster or a man with a plan?

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We all knew it was coming, for severe Blacklisters it was only a matter of time before the truth behind Reddington seeped into Lizzie’s world of reality. It seems Lizzie can never catch a break with bombshell after bombshell. First Tom and now Sam…

If you don’t remember Sam, that’s Lizzie’s adoptive father and this week we find out (more like Lizzie finds out) the truth about his death. In the folder Tom told her about with that mark that matches the scar on her wrist is the picture of Reddington leaving the hospital right after Sam dies, which puts him in Sam’s room the moment he passed. Now this whole episode every time Lizzie was with Reddington she kept asking, “Where’s Tom? Where’s Tom?” However, near the end of the episode when she walks in with the truth of Reddington’s last hospital visit to Sam he begins to launch into where Tom is now but Lizzie cuts right to the chase and stabs him with the truth of her father’s death. Once again Reddington diverts with how Lizzie will never know the true nature of his relationship with Sam, how she can never understand and how it was all done to protect her. Whatever this secret was, it died with Sam and only lives with Reddington.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Lizzie tearfully admits she is done with Reddington, how he is what she always believed him to be–a monster, killing anyone that gets in his path in whatever way he finds “just”. It was heart wrenching, especially with only TWO EPISODES LEFT you don’t want to see this dynamic duo done for just yet. She goes home to her still post-fight-with-Tom house, sinking into tears at the memories she can’t erase.

And of course AS A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO LOVE BLACKLIST HAVE PREDICTED guess who she goes running too in her time of need? The only man who controlled his anger issues once he fell for Audrey, lost her and found a compassionate side–Mr. Don Ressler! These two are so going to be a couple and I PREDICT Tom is going to come back next season once we figure out who BERLIN is and confess his true love for her and that it wasn’t all a lie.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Another large subtext for Reddington’s behavior lies with Allen, the higher up government official who has his own “round table” so to speak over helping Reddington who admits he is under attack, his circle of friends infiltrated and is “bleeding”. He  believes a huge piece of the puzzle relied with interrogating this week’s villain–The Kingmaker, but dies when Ressler puts a bullet in his head as he was trying to kill Lizzie. The group of government officials don’t vote into helping Reddington and keep threatening they can  have him killed, even though he has an alleged piece of information/evidence that can change the fate of America in a way, which is the only thing keeping him alive.

That piece of evidence I believe lies with whoever Berlin in and in fact, the promo shows how Lizzie somehow connected The Blacklist, Reddington came up with is a pattern which leads back to this vigilante. I know we are in for a crazy two-part finale and I hope we leave with some questions answered and a hopeful storyline for season 2!

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