The Blacklist 1×19 ‘The Pavlovich Brothers’: Is Tom or Reddington the real monster

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I find myself at the end of every episode having more questions then answers and I’m starting to get frustrated, especially over Tom.

This is the episode we have all been waiting for, Tom and Lizzie have a showdown in their house because Reddington hires the Pavlovich brothers (from the first episode they helped kidnap the Attorney General’s daughter) to hunt down Tom for Lizzie. Funny thing is, Lizzie and her team at the FBI are hunting down the Pavlovich brothers who are smuggling a person who knows a lot about germ war fare for money. This woman is the main focus of the other storyline but frankly we all know it’s just a filler story for the juicer gossip.

After the final battle with Lizzie, Tom admits he never wanted to hurt Lizzie and to prove it he tells her to take the key that he knows she took from under the lap and go to the bank where it opens a safety deposit box. Of course the symbol on the folder is of the same mark that was on Tom’s box of passports and the scar on Lizzie’s wrist, her face goes into complete shock and we see her on next week’s promo calling Reddington a monster. I can already see him answering her that he is a monster but that’s what people in his situation do and he isn’t proud of it but that’s how he survives. I’m betting it has something to do with her past/childhood or father but we shall see.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Tom finds out that Lizzie followed him to the archives where he is meeting for a drop off with a client and is surprised when he sees a woman who looks like Lizzie following him. Somehow a conversation over that and the music box leads to Tom calling his work and saying, “she knows. Jolene knew too and wound up dead, and so did cowboy guy. “Tom throws away any notion of him planing to kill Lizzie when he runs out but still, how is he still claiming he is one of the good guys? Will Tom’s character be back soon and do you think there is any shot in hell they will get back together? I doubt Lizzie would ever take him back so easily especially after knowing their whole marriage was a lie.

Reddington may have some answers up his sleeve for next week’s episode but I won’t be happy until the information about  Tom’s job and employer is truly exposed by Lizzie and or Reddington. He is the main character of this series so whatever heart aches we have to endure next week because of what is in the manilla envelope I’m sure we will push throughout and give him the benefit of the doubt as we usually do. I do hope this is not the last time we see Tom, and knowing Reddington has a tail on him I doubt this is the last of Tom Keen and I hope in his absence we can find out more on why Tom and Reddington are making it their jobs to be obsessively involved in Elizabeth’s life.

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