The Big Bang Theory 9×24 ‘The Convergence Convergence’: Stepbrothers


Maybe it’s because I’ve been up since 5am and waiting on one too many buses to show up all day, or maybe it’s because – nope, that’s it. I was just too tired to even acknowledge this episode of The Big Bang Theory, which sucks because it had it’s OMG moments as well as some carb heavy laughs, but all in all – it wasn’t much of an episode in comparison to some other big moments we had this season. Perhaps on a grander scale, but come on – in a season that had first-time coitus and a baby announcement? Sheldon and Leonard’s parents hooking up is like, well – whatever.

What I was most upset about was that we didn’t get to see Penny’s family. Who will wind up playing her out-of-prison-because-of-overcrowding brother? I vote Giovanni Ribisi, only because I think we’ve all seen his trailer park best in My Name is Earl and know he can pull off that Nebraska vibe. Anyways, her family was MIA but everyone else was early to the second wedding Leonard and Penny are about to have to ensure his mother smiles, or well…does whatever it is her face does to represent a smile. She’s there from last week and this time around we got to meet Leonard’s dad, her ex, Taxi’s Judd Hirsch. They talked about how that came to be at PaleyFest this year. Hirsch was someone Johnny Galecki always imagined as his dad on the show, they met at a party, they talked, he asked, managers likely had meetings and viola! He’s on the show and coming on very strong to Sheldon’s mother.


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That was the big romance cliffhanger we’ve been hearing about all week. I mean, I get that it’s going to be a bigger deal down the road. If those two somehow marry – that means the longtime roommates would now officially be brothers in a way. Again, funny BUT I wanted something a little more from the finale of one of the most, “DID YOU SEE THAT?” seasons of the show. Sheldon and Amy finally did the deed, and Howard and Bernadette announced they were expecting a little one, literally. Can you imagine how small their kid will be just based on their heights alone?

So when we pick up in what I can only guess will be late September, will be get tossed right back in – or will the second wedding be over and done with, my dream brother to Penny – Ribisi – off on a plane back to Nebraska, the supposed hookup between roommates’ parents over and done? Leaving us only to bask in the aftermath and deal with a hurried replay of events? We better get that second wedding. We better get Penny’s parents and we better get the news that season 10 will be the last. Yes, I’m still pushing for that. Well folks, until September – I’m out. See you around these here parts with another week of The Goldbergs, Fresh Off the Boat and The Originals (which may have two left, I don’t even know. Then catch me with Baby Daddy for its summer run!

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