The Big Bang Theory 9×23 ‘The Line Substitution Solution’: The invite debate


Sheldon battled a Workaholic this week on The Big Bang Theory, while Penny tried really hard to find any sort of connection between her and Leonard’s mother. One did a disservice to the Civil Rights Movement, and the other resulted in an emotional revelation.

This show stays pretty current when it comes to movie releases and unlike the dismal promotion The Goldbergs did for Eddie the Eagle, Big Bang did a fine job pimping out Civil War. Wait, oh nevermind – I’ll get to that thought in a second. Anyways, it’s about to come out and the guys are all ready to wait in line, per usual. Only Sheldon has already made plans with Amy. A bright idea born by Howard, Sheldon hires Stuart to hang out with his girlfriend and that of course backfires on the so-called genius. He can do the world’s hardest math, but realizing that you can’t send another dude to be your fill-in with your girl? Clueless.

While Sheldon was trying to learn from his mistake, Penny was desperately trying to find even the tiniest morsel to bond with Leonard’s mom over. Sadly, his ability to hold an erection was a topic taken off the table by his new wife. So instead of those two hitting if off, his mom falls for Amy and even shows a great deal of interest in Bernadette. What sucks is that Penny has grown so much and she’s still not getting respect. She’ll always be that wannabe actress at the cheesecake factory to some. BUT that wasn’t even why Leonard’s mom was dissing her. Oh no, it was because she wasn’t invited to the wedding. Who knew that woman had any sort of human emotion like that?


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Sheldon’s so-so apology to Amy wasn’t even his best/worst moment this week. That came when he tried to move Workaholic’s Blake Anderson to the back of the line for cutting. It didn’t go over well and the whole comparison to Rosa Parks didn’t happen. Back to my thought from earlier, did they pull a Civil Rights moment out of the bag for Civil War? Yup, this was the moment Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of…It’s safe to say Sheldon was in the wrong, but I was surprised they made it in the theater at all.

Now here’s the thing about Leonard’s mom. Yes, she had every right to be upset about not getting invited BUT then she said she wouldn’t have even come. Okay, okay – here’s my thing about weddings, birthdays, any event that requires some sort of invite. The person throwing it has the power and right to invite whoever they want. The potential guest, yeah – they don’t have the right to want an invite just to decline. The event is not about them, it’s about the people throwing it. So while I her pain from a mother’s perspective – I wanted to ring her neck when she said she wouldn’t have gone anyways. Then why waste time inviting you? So you can say no…?

So not they’re going to have a mini-ceremony so his mom can be there and it looks like we’re finally meeting Leonard’s dad for this occasion too next week!

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