The Big Bang Theory 9×22 ‘The Fermentation Bifurcation’: Set sail…


When you had a cast of characters that include 99.9% of couples most of the time, you have a lot of opportunity to mix and match, but The Big Bang Theory usually keeps thing realistic because they note when a pairing is weird. It’s not rare, but it is weird to some to think of hanging out with their buddy’s significant other when they aren’t around. While they explored relationships in terms of friendships, Raj was questioned about the romantic kind, and Leonard and Howard worried about the future use for their prototype.


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When Penny wins a night of wine tasting for her friends, it’s obvious why Bernadette can’t partake and instead of spending her Saturday night alone – she fears being stuck with the wine reluctant Sheldon for an evening of “Fetus Friendly Festival of Fun.” This is a pairing we rarely see, so it was nice and things ended up working out but across town, their other halves were struggling to find conversation when they were the first two to arrive at the wine tasting. I like that though. I don’t think you have to be besties with everyone you come into contact with. Maybe because that’s how I was raised, but there’s being polite and then there’s being fake about it. Let me explain further – I like that everyone in this crew is cordial with one another, but I also appreciate that no one goes above and beyond to force a friendship that mirrors DJ Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler just because they run with the same people.


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Then there was the idea of Claire coming to the wine tasting with her casual partner Raj. Having to meet a group of people your new beau hangs out with can be the most intimidating thing in the world. Remember when Amy admitted to how she felt when she started coming around more? Perhaps Claire didn’t have it as bad because of the casualness of her and Raj’s relationship, but still – I even felt for Raj. I’m currently insanely nervous about my boyfriend of almost two years finally meeting my best buddy. You fear they won’t get along in front of you, or even worse – hate one another and never even let you know. Then you have that resentment unknowingly lingering in the air for years to come until it implodes at your wedding. The horror! Thankfully for Raj, I’m not too sure Claire will be around much longer. His skill at juggling two women may be coming up short.

On top of all that, Leonard and Howard were worried about their prototype and it being used for evil instead of good. I found that to be unimportant and obviously latched onto more important things that went down this week. Plus, who else fell in love with Sheldon’s explanation for why he wound up liking trains as a kid? “They gave me a sense of calm when the world didn’t.” That line sums up the fascination each and everyone of us have with whatever it is we love. For me, television. What’s it for you?

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