The Big Bang Theory 9×21 ‘The Viewing Party Combustion’: Humble brag


Sides have been taken and Raj is dating two girls on The Big Bang Theory. It wasn’t the greatest episode of the season, but it definitely was one of their most grown up in terms of relationships.

Remember when Raj was the mute who could only chat with men unless boozed up? Well, that seems like a decade ago now that he’s dating two girls. Yes, Claire and Emily are both in the picture and does this make Raj cool? He seems to think so. Howard was completely right to call him out on his “complaints” that were really just humble brags. I’m with Howard on this because I hate when people just go on and on about their dating life. Like, if it’s the topic at hand – cool. If not, ssh. I for one hated being the only single one this one time me and my high school friends got together. Either married or in long term relationships, I sat there the only single (plus virgin) at the table. While Howard has a wife and child on the way, you sometimes don’t want to hear THAT much about your friend’s dating life when it’s not your life.


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While that was going on, Leonard and Sheldon were having their own beef over one not wanting to go to the roommate agreement meeting. You can guess who didn’t want to attend and who was mad about the perfect attendance being broken. What I didn’t see coming was Penny siding with Sheldon. Over the years she’s always been like a sort of older sister towards him, but you’d think she’d take her husband’s side…especially over something like going to an unimportant meeting. While she was on Sheldon’s side, Amy took Leonard’s. Which, we all knew why. No one wants their significant other to be close really close with someone else like Sheldon and Penny are. I mean, they can be friends but romantic ships should almost always sail on the same wave, and Penny shifted her sails against the wind when she sided with Sheldon. So it wasn’t a surprise that Amy took Leonard’s side out of some spite towards her friend and boyfriend’s closeness. No one wants to feel like the third wheel in their relationship.

Next week we’ll see the return of Penny’s ex Zack when the gang heads to a wine tasting with Claire – who Zack ends up hitting on. We’ll also see Bernadette and Sheldon get some time together while the others are away.

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