The Big Bang Theory 9×20 ‘The Big Bear Precipitation’: Never have I ever…


A couple’s weekend was had on The Big Bang Theory and a drinking game revealed a pretty big secret for one of them. Back home another couple had to tell their baby-obsessed friend to tone it down a bit because in this case, three was definitely a crowd.

After Amy tells Sheldon about a study that showed time outdoors help with brain power, he sits in a virtual reality forest thinking that’ll do the trick. Fresh air? Nah, who needs that? Apparently he did after Amy suggested renting a cabin and Penny just happened to have a doctor who was always offering her one. Plus, it didn’t hurt that Amy mentioned Leonard might come back smarter than Sheldon if they didn’t go. You know very well that no one can have more brain power than him.


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While those four were packing for a weekend away in Big Bear, Bernadette and Howard were dealing with their own big bear; the larger than life stuffed animal he got for the baby. Why do you think Raj is so into the baby? Perhaps because he’s newly single, getting older, and realizing that he may be running out of time to have his own family. Which, has the idea of an arranged marriage ever come up with him and his parents? I think it has once before, but then it was dropped. We may need to revisit that aspect of his culture. I for one am intrigued by it all. Anyways, Raj is really into this pregnancy and while it made the parents-to-be a little weary – they took back their words once the hormones kicked in and they realized they may’ve been too hard on their friend. Would you welcome the help or want your space when it came to your pregnancy? I’d welcome the help – that whole ordeal seems to be too much for even two people to handle. Raj was the hero!

Back in the woods the couples are deep into a game of Never Have I Ever and it takes a turn when Sheldon makes Leonard reveal he has a secret bank account he hides from Penny because he doesn’t trust her with money. I’m glad that didn’t escalate any further because Leonard had a point. It never hurts to have a little seed money in case things go south. What I found way more interesting was Penny’s reveal; she hates her job and has for awhile now, but she says she’s going to do the “grown up thing” and stick with it. Should we stay somewhere and do something we hate just for a check? Currently floating in the same boat, I am looking for any opportunity to jump ship because I work for an unorganized bully. So if anyone’s hiring a writer, hey…Anyways, I’ve always loved Penny bringing a realistic view of jobs to the show, and I can’t wait to see how this revelation plays out.

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