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The Big Bang Theory 9×2 ‘The Separation Oscillation’: A trip for three


Did any of you watch Difficult People this summer on Hulu? I only bring it up because the way Billy and Julie are, that’s how I am – I connect more with characters on the small screen than I ever have with people in real life. Maybe that’s because of my love of television, or the fact that characters can’t really hide who they are and when they do – it’s not their fault, but the writers. Anyways, this week The Big Bang Theory pulled on my heartstrings and became a little too real for me on a couple levels as the newlyweds figured out the real reason behind their drama, best friends were tested and Sheldon took his anger to the Flags.

What I thought may take longer to get through actually got resolved in the second episode. Penny and Leonard were still mulling over the drunken kiss from a couple of years ago, but then after he talked with the girl he made out with, she made him realize something. He was trying to sabotage the marriage because no matter what, he still believed he didn’t deserve Penny. She admitted she felt the same, only that she feared he one day leave her for someone smarter; a fear we’ve seen her had before. I started to tear up because I often think the same thing in my own relationship – one day he’ll figure out I’m not as great as he thinks and will breakup with me. The funny thing is, he feels the same way. I guess this is a commonality in relationships?


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While the newlyweds were making up, Raj wasn’t too happy with Howard. Turns out that Howard knew all this time about Leonard’s drunken mistake and only told Bernadette – who was worried Penny would find out. She played that off “well,” but I really don’t think Penny put too much thought into her friend’s reactions. Anyways, I actually sided with Raj on this one. It absolutely sucks sharing a best bud. One always gets left out of the news, and it hurts. It’s like you get the Cliff’s Notes while the other gets the in depth essay.

Then there was Amy and Sheldon. I loved the line, “I watch movies. I know what people do.” That is kind of how I have learned to interact with others. Granted, I don’t do it well and am more like Jane Lane than a caring companion. Anyways, Sheldon’s learned social cues to try and make Amy jealous was hilarious.

I have to ask – how long until it’s revealed that he was going to pop the question? I can’t take that wait much longer. Also, will we get to see the honeymoon with Sheldon?

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