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The Big Bang Theory 9×19 ‘The Solder Excursion Diversion’: Suicide Squad (Goals)


This episode of The Big Bang Theory was a treat to see for those who made it out to this year’s PaleyFest. So this episode had been sitting in my mind for about two weeks now, but ya’ll – it’s brand spanking new and one one hand hilarious, and on the other – a little surprising as we learned something I don’t think many of us could’ve seen coming when it came to Sheldon.

First though, Bernadette and Penny wind up helping Leonard and Howard with their prototype but when the guys figure they need some sauter, they leave the girls. No problem, right? Well they then get to go to an advance screening of Suicide Squad and like many – they did not turn it down because, why would you? It looks like it’s miles, millions of miles, above that trash that was Batman vs. Superman. Anyways, they guys lie about it at first but let Raj know – bragging about where they are. Of course he’s with the girls and let’s them know and those three come up with a plan to make the moviegoers feel horrible about their lies. Which, I really wish they could’ve gone through with but then the guys had to come in with flowers and apologies and it ruined the whole thing. What do you think made them change their minds about the lying? Do you think the Howard and Leonard we first met seasons ago would’ve came clean? I don’t believe they would have back in the day. I think they would’ve stuck to it and said they did really have to travel even further for their sauter.


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Meanwhile Sheldon’s laptop goes out and ugh, I could relate. The HP that’s basically my lifeline continues to act up and well, I’m a freelance writer and cannot afford a new one. Ironic, right? Anyways he’s both happy and a little upset when Amy surprises him with a new one. I didn’t get it at first, and I’m sure many of you didn’t either. Then we learn the truth – Sheldon is a bit of a hoarder. Not like he’s living in filth with dirty diapers all around, oh no. He’s Sheldon Cooper. His craziness is organized in a storage container somewhere. Likely off the 405 in Van Nuys. Anyways, were you shocked by that or by the fact that he shared it with Amy? This is a huge flaw of his that even he’s aware and obviously ashamed of.

Both storylines showed the guys growing up, Howard and Leonard realized lying wasn’t the way to go while Sheldon shocked everyone, including Amy, by revealing a very personal part of his life. Ugh, people who think this show isn’t great – you’re not watching it right! It’s so good!

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