The Big Bang Theory 9×18 ‘The Application Deterioration’: Really, really…


The last time I was here talking about The Big Bang Theory, I’m pretty sure we had an emotional ride due to celebrating 200 episodes. This time around things weren’t as life changing, well in terms of grand episodes you remember years down the road. No, the guys just wanted to patent an idea, Raj dealt with two ladies at once and well, that’s about it.

When Leonard, Sheldon and Howard learn that the former NASA man in their crew won’t get to have any of the cut if they patent through the university – they think they’ve hit a wall. Not to mention the university would own 75% of the patent. Anyone who’s watched Shark Tank knows that’s robbery but there’s nothing the guys can do about how much they’d own. What they did figure is that Sheldon and Leonard could just split whatever they made with Howard. Only Bernadette wasn’t for that after Sheldon was the one to write up the contract. Yes, she should’ve had reservations – but uh, it was the only way they were going to be in on the deal – so she needed to keep it cool and calm down.


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Meanwhile Raj was in quite the predicament, wasn’t he? I thought it was weird that Emily left a gift worth some $500 on his doorstep and then called crying. She was definitely trying to get back with him. What was that nonsense about her not being able to return a gift? Ebay honey, Ebay. There’s no way I’d just hand over a gift to someone who broke up with me right before Valentine’s Day. There are way too many apps that help you sell crap nowadays – she could’ve gotten some or all her money back. So yes, she was fishing for some Raj. I think he should’ve went right back to her though because that Claire or whatever just seemed like she was using him as a rebound after her breakup.

All of it ended like I’d hoped. Sheldon proved to be a hero when he put a clause in the contract about giving part of his earnings to his friends’ unborn baby for college, and Raj ended up back in Emily’s arms (and bed). Do you think Raj will try and balance the two women now, or will he be true to only one?

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