The Big Bang Theory 9×17 ‘The Celebration Experimentation’: #200!


It seems like only yesterday Sheldon and Leonard were trying to donate sperm and meeting their new neighbor that would turn into a lifetime friend, and now here we are at the 200th episode of The Big Bang Theory. While I would’ve liked it to be more about the entire cast, it was only fitting they celebrate the character that quickly became the face of the show. It was Sheldon’s birthday and despite his reservations, he was all smiles by the end.

Growing up different than the other kids is always hard, and we knew Sheldon wasn’t the favorite of the playground but damn – how harsh were those kids to come to his twin’s birthday and torture him throughout? That, on top of the lie they told when they said Batman was going to show up, is what caused Sheldon to be weary of birthday parties for all these years. Finally though he lets Amy through him one and sadly, he was not so into her idea of celebrating the same way they did when it was her special day. He was far from getting her “birthday suit” hint. So very far.

Even though no hanky panky went on, it was a sweet way to celebrate 200 episodes. With it being Sheldon’s birthday, that brought out Leslie Winkle, Kripke, as well as Wil Wheaton and Leonard’s mom. Yes, she managed to come out for Sheldon’s day but failed to invite her own son to her 60th birthday, which his roommate was invited to. Do you think those two will ever have a normal mother/son relationship? Another question, will Stuart ever find his place in the group, or you know what? I’d love to see him find another crew to latch onto by the end of the series – which I’m telling you…has to be the big 1-0 coming up. The cast will be at PaleyFest in LA this year to talk about this and that, so maybe that’ll come up? Fingers crossed I get my press pass and can go!


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Anyways, another face at the party was a hilarious Adam West. Leonard made sure to finally let Sheldon experience Batman at his party and that, along with his speech, was adorable. In fact, all the speeches Sheldon made his guests deliver were really well done and of course you had to love how he hated on Howard’s every chance he got.

The other day I scrolled past an article about how this show has gone from a comedy about four nerds and has transformed into a family comedy. I agree to a point. I think the show has just grown so much since the pilot in terms of the characters, their situations and come on, I think when it comes to shows like this, there has to be growth. It’s not like a Seinfeld or It’s Always Sunny where people are tuning in every week for the shenanigans. We’re coming back to see how the story progresses. If the show had stuck with the geeks going to convention angle – it would’ve died six seasons ago. Instead they go to the cons, but on top of that they date, impregnated and go through all the other motions of life.

With that, I want us to share our most memorable birthdays. For me, I always loved when my friends and I Disneybounded and everyone brought their a-game. I am also partial to my 16th when my friends and I had an epic balloon fight. Sheldon would’ve hated that one. Let us know yours!

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