The Big Bang Theory 9×15 ‘The Valentino Submergence’: Big Bang Baby!


How many times have I said they will have to have someone get pregnant sooner or later and that would be how we start to round this show out? Well, my choice was the one to reveal the big secret this week as everyone else celebrated Valentine’s Day in various ways from trying to relive their youth to crying to flag fun on The Big Bang Theory.

This show has been renewed up to season 10 and I’ll say this once more in case you’ve missed my past sentiments – I hope it’s their last. You don’t want to ever overstay your welcome and while it’d be great to watch your favorite characters forever, sitcoms are not soap operas and it just can’t be. With that, we’ve watched these four guys transform over the years from dudes who can’t talk to girls in the slightest into men with wives and girlfriends. Growing up even as adults, it takes time and even though you’re legally an adult at 18, the growth never really stops. We’ve seen Howard go from a perverted creep to a husband with creep like tendencies and soon we’ll see him be a dad! Yes, Bernadette revealed she was pregnant and while it would’ve been hilarious to force Leonard and Penny into being the first to pop out a kid, I’m glad it’s the first married couple of the show. Now if they plan it right, we’ll see her pregnancy through and then only have to see one season with a baby. Sorry, but toddlers can really shake up a show that hasn’t had one in a decade. At least that’s how I feel…agree, disagree?


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Back to Leonard and Penny. They tried to go out and be adults with a nice dinner but after she got called “ma’am,” she was done. I love that they tried to think of young and hip things to do and in the end it was literally just running around in Party City’s Valentine’s Day best. I loved this little side note in this week’s episode because me and my boyfriend are exactly like that. We try to go out, but in reality we’re happier sitting at home with a nice TV binge session in our sweats. Plus, that whole “things starting at midnight” thing – NO. I want to be in my pajamas at that time with a bowl of cereal in hand.

A baby, a couple trying to be young and another trying to console a friend. Raj, thinking he has a chance with Claire, breaks it off with Emily right before the holiday. She was more mad than sad. He on the other hand was a mess and ended up being one of two depressed and alone on V-Day callers to Sheldon and Amy’s flag show. Yes, his gift was to put her name in the title. Back to Raj though. He really should’ve been watching the dating guru or whatever she was on Hollywood Today Live who said if you’re having thoughts about breaking up around Valentine’s Day, wait. It may just be the holiday making you feel anxious. Wait and see how you feel a week after. Unfortunately he must’ve missed that advice and called it quits just as Claire got back together with her boyfriend. He was an idiot to do that though. New girl showed very little romantic interest in him. He deserved to spend the romantic holiday alone.

Enough of him though, we need to talk once more about the baby. Next week Bernadette starts telling more than just us and I can guarantee I am going to cry when she tells Howard. Seriously though, people on TV have babies – I care. People I know have babies – I am like, okay…whatever.

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  • Elizabeth Moore

    I have come to the conclusion no one reads your reviews! By the way, they could do a couple more seasons past 10 but not much more.

    • Kendra Beltran

      It’s cool. I write them mostly because it helps me remember them. I have the worst memory…