The Big Bang Theory 9×14 ‘The Meemaw Materialization’: Let it go…


There are some characters you think you’re never going to see and Meemaw on The Big Bang Theory was one that’d always just be a name without a face. Well Oscar nominee June Squibb filled that void as this week’s guest star, and the women we were led to believe was a sweetheart, was kind of a hard ass when it came time to meet her grandson’s girlfriend. While she was causing drama with Amy, Raj was questioning his relationship with Emily, and Howard was winning at life by hating on Frozen.

Surprisingly, Sheldon’s mom is a fan of Amy but it was Meemaw she had to get the approval of and soon enough – she did not. After “sizing” Amy up, she decided she wasn’t worth her engagement ring. Yes, she spilled the beans and we learned that in reality – Amy is just like the snarky grandma. Turns out Sheldon is basically like his late grandfather; difficult and egotistical. So it’s no wonder Meemaw was even more protective with Sheldon. What I didn’t like was how she put on a sweet face for everyone but Amy. Like dang girl – calm down. I do love how Amy stuck up for herself, and I loved it even more that Sheldon didn’t just pop the question right then and there and that the proposal wasn’t rushed. Like he said, “I just gave you my virginity woman, cool your jets.”


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While all that was going down, Raj was meeting a screenwriter/bartender/woman who was a day away from living in her car named Chloe. When he couldn’t help but question his relationship with Emily now that a new, pretty girl had entered the picture – I thought of what I’d read in Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance. He went on about how we’ve become a culture obsessed with the idea of “the best.” That’s why we’re hooked to sites like Yelp, and can’t help but spend hours upon hours reading Amazon reviews. He related that to online dating and the fact that some are never satisfied because with so many new, and possibly better, partners out there – we’re convinced that someone better is out there. While Raj didn’t meet this girl online, he instantly questions if Emily is his best option, or if Chloe and him would be a better fit.

Before I go – I just want to pay respect to Howard (and the writers) for noting how Frozen was a bit overrated. I remember being underwhelmed when it ended like, that was it. THAT was the amazing movie, the “best from Disney since The Lion King?” Oh hell no I thought. There were so many problems, but I’ll just mention a few. Elsa froze the city and fled. She was gone no more than ten minutes before Anna went after her. A classic Disney movie would’ve had her freeze the city in a rage and then disappear for decades. Instead, they jumped the gun and rushed it. Also, that big dude who ends up loving Anna, he didn’t remember she was the girl who got brought back to life by his rock family? Oh the rock trolls – no sense made there. Lastly, they misled audiences with Olaf. They pimped him out and he was literally in the movie for as long as Elsa was gone before her sister went running after her. So Howard, you were right on the money with your assessment and “Let It Go,” huh it doesn’t hold a candle next to songs from Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.

Next week they said there’s a big secret coming, wonder what it could be!

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    I give this episode nerd cred for mentioning Saga, but I take it back again for reducing the critically acclaimed comic to nothing but boobs.