The Big Bang Theory 9×13 ‘The Empathy Optimization’: Sincere City


Maybe I’m crashing due to all the sugar I’ve consumed today, or maybe it’s just that I wasn’t that into this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory. Either way, I’m tired and Sheldon’s apology tour was just meh to me. I think what was missing was the fact that we didn’t have multiple stories going on, but rather just the one. So it felt like it went on a little too long…

We all know what Sheldon’s like when he’s under the weather; a disaster. Only this time he seemed to be at his worst and while the gang usually just pushes through, they were fed up this time and decided they needed some time away from him. When Sheldon caught wind that he wasn’t invited to a weekend trip to Vegas, Amy gave him some sound advice – apologize and actually mean it. I mean, how many times a day do we mumble “sorry” without a care? We bump someone on the bus, accidentally close a door on someone who thought we may hold it open even though they were walking too slow, and so forth and so on. We’re a society of liars, but in the case of Sheldon…he really needed to learn to feel bad for his rude actions.


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I’m iffy on if he really captured empathy, but I do think he realized how annoying he could be when he opted out of the trip all on his own. That took an insane amount of maturity, and we all had to laugh when he demanded Stuart join him outside of the party bus. I don’t care how much Bernadette and Howard missed him last week, Stuart needs to go. Can’t he buy a comic book shop out east and move there?

An interesting note about this week though, Raj’s girlfriend was back in the mix and she was actually the one to cause a little more friction between Sheldon and the group, especially Raj. While they were all accepting of the apologies, she was the only one not to take it. In her defense, Sheldon wasn’t exactly the nicest to her, putting down her job. She’s just not as used to it as say, Wolowitz is. What I want, and I’m sure some of you can agree, is for that couple to make some actual strides in their relationship. Leonard and Howard are married, plus Howard should be looking to be a dad soon, Sheldon finally did the deed…Raj, well he has a girlfriend but he’s been able to talk to women for awhile now. We need more from that pair so they don’t become some side note.

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