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After the “OMG” moment of the season, The Big Bang Theory knew they couldn’t really top Sheldon and Amy doing it in the next episode. With that, they kept things pretty light by taking Amy out of the picture, out of town on business, made Stuart grow up and well…They dropped some little bombs that may take Penny and Leonard down. Okay, so it wasn’t too light when it came to that story, but after Sheldon doing the deed, forgive me if my head is still captivated by that.

With Amy away, Sheldon needed someone to entertain him. Raj lost this round and had to spend the weekend with him and a telescope. One good thing that came out of it though was them discovering an asteroid, naming it Amy and then showing us the future. If Sheldon and Amy ever have kids, they must all be named after Raj. Can you imagine if that were the case? I know I want their 10th season to be their last, but man oh man – if we can get to that pregnancy and see a baby Raj Cooper, that’d be hilarious.


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That was actually the tiniest part of this week’s episode. Sitting in the middle was Bernadette and Howard dealing with Stuart moving out, and actually missing him. I admit, that even I would miss the third wheel in my life – but a married couple shouldn’t have a roommate like that. Stuart should’ve packed up and moved out when Howard’s mom had passed away. He’s what, 35? Yes, a man that age needs to live with another dude in a bachelor pad, with a lady friend or alone. I would go on about living situations, but I’ve been writing about them on my new site, Exploring Adulthood. It’s all about what it means to be a grown up, check it out!

Self-promotion done. Now on to Leonard and Penny. First of all, let’s all just all bow down to the great Jane Kaczmarek. Malcolm in the Middle was one of Fox’s best and she goes down as one of the best TV mom’s – ever. Okay, now why was she here? She played a psychiatrist Penny needed to sell some of her drugs to. The only problem was that she wouldn’t let her near her…cue Leonard going in to slyly mention his wife’s drug. Fast forward to Leonard opening up about his mother, and then Penny getting in the hot seat (or rather sofa) and discovering that she just may very well be her husband’s mother; an overbearing woman who tells him what to do. Two reasons I didn’t like this whole thing. The first is, I hated Leonard after his appointment. People who go to therapy and then try and push their sessions onto others…are the worst. It’s like when religious people come to your door with pamphlets and interrupt your Price is Right time. Okay and two, I thought we were past the hiccups and insecurities of this marriage, and here they are again.

With that, I must head off and come up with interview questions for another site, but before I go – next week Sheldon is going on an apology spree. Going to be interesting to see what sparked him to do it. See you next Thursday!

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