The Big Bang Theory 9×11 ‘The Opening Night Excitation’: The BIG BANG


When news first broke about this episode though, my boyfriend didn’t quite understand the importance. I mean yes, losing your v-card is usually a topic centered around a teen or maybe character in college. We rarely see virginity dealt with when it comes to adults in their 30’s. , but hey…some people wait longer than others for a various number of reasons. Just ask Tina Fey and Lisa Kudrow. Both were well over college age when they first did the deed, and football player Tim Tebow is still waiting because of Jesus or something. With that, let’s get to Amy and Sheldon’s first night, real night, together on The Big Bang Theory.

Sex. It’s a subject when placed with nerds is laughable because for decades they’ve been the group of people apparently not having getting any. The fact is though, nerds to get action. How do you think little geek babies are made? Nevertheless, when it came to Sheldon – this was something fans could never have imagined, and while we may’ve thought “one day” when Amy entered the picture, we all tucked those ideas away like winter coats in the summer; only revisiting when the temperatures were right. I for one thought this was something they’d save for their final season – which I hope is next year’s season 10.


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When Shamy broke up, that was devastating but as soon as they reunited – that was all I really needed from them for shipping satisfaction. Now here we are and here they are experiencing coitus. It’s Amy’s birthday and of course it lands on the day the new Star Wars is opening. Season one, hell – season seven Sheldon would’ve never missed this movie for anything or anyone. Now look at him. It didn’t take much but an old ghostly friend to make him realize that he had to spend the night with his girlfriend. Now whatever should he get her. Thankfully he opted out of sheep and a night of playing the harp and landed on giving her the one thing she’s waited too long for. Can you imagine not only being that old and a virgin but being in a relationship for that long without ever being intimate? That’s the crazy part. How many of you would wait five plus years to get down and dirty with your partner?

Can I admit right now that I was just as nervous watching them inch their way towards doing it than I was the first time I even did it?! And while we only saw their afterglow – which was totally fine – it was cute that the writers likened losing your virginity to seeing Star Wars for the first time. Only this show could pull off that comparison. What I love though is what Wil Wheaton said, whether or not the movie was good wasn’t going to change how the guys lived from that point on. It wasn’t going to further them in any way. Sheldon’s life, now that was a defining moment.

It’s ironic though, here I was thinking about this episode all day, sweating watching two characters take a giant step and it’s like Wheaton said – tomorrow my life won’t be different because of this. But what we did see if that no matter what, the moments that make us extremely happy, personal or pop culture based, they’re the ones we remember forever. Whether or not they change who we are – that’s arguable.

Where do we go from here. Sheldon said this was something he’d revisit on Amy’s next birthday and she was more than happy with that, but will we see Shamy experience coitus more often? Well that’s it for now, see you in 2016!

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