The Big Bang Theory 9×11 ‘The Earworm Reverberation’: Descent into Madness


Love. It’s one of the greatest things about life, but also one of the hardest things to comprehend and get right. It’s easy to find and fall for a pair of new shoes, a television character or even a food but when it comes to finding a person – that’s when things can get complicated. Everyone has that one person out there who is just right for them and sadly some will go their entire life looking, but others like The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon and Amy, will be lucky enough to stumble upon one another thanks to a dating algorithm.

With a song stuck in his head, Sheldon drove poor Leonard and Penny insane trying to figure it out. When he did, he realized The Beach Boys’ tune was about Amy and concluded that she was the “dryer sheets” of his heart; she made him better and softer. With that, he ran to her, interrupted her date with the giant that is Dave and gave one of the most heartfelt speeches that robotic man ever could.


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Now with them back together, we can all gear up for the big deed that is coming with next week’s winter finale. I can’t even imagine how insanely fans are going to react, but we’ll get back to that in a second and stick with the love. Like Sheldon, I’m not too keen on emotions and whatnot. I’ve been told I just don’t know how to communicate in that way. That’s why I’ve always connected with him, and like him – I never really thought I could find someone who’d be able to love me. Luckily though, I did and like Sheldon with Amy – I realize that my boyfriend has made me better. It’s that support you get, that softness they bring out in metal hearts like ours that really makes the relationship work. That’s the thing though, when you do get into a relationship – come months and years later – you’re not going to be the same person you started out as. If the relationship is working, you’re a better person and that’s what Sheldon (and myself) have proven.

Without Amy, Sheldon would still be this off putting character that said “bazinga” once in a great while. Instead he’s in touch with his feelings and smiles a lot more. The arch of who Sheldon is has to be one of the grandest currently on TV. Now, moving on to other aspects of the show…

Everyone always talks about not meeting your idols, but in the case of Raj and Howard – it was better not to meet your fans. Their only fan on Facebook seemed perfect on paper, but IRL he was a nose picking-eating mess. Oh well, they’ll possibly get another “like” one day. I also loved Bernadette telling Amy about losing her v-card to someone as ginormous as Dave, it’d be like “taking your driver’s test in a bus.” Amazing analogy.

I’m off now to watch last night’s Originals – see you next week for the BIG BANG! Wait, has this show just been leading up to this one pun?

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