The Big Bang Theory 9×01 ‘The Matrimonial Momentum’: Glittered eggs


After a loss at the last night’s Emmys, Mayim Bialik showcased why she maybe should’ve won over Mom’s Allison Janney on the season premiere of The Big Bang Theory. The whole summer was spent wondering if Sheldon would come right out and tell her he was going to propose and we now know that – that’s a big ol’ nope. We also finally got the inevitable “I do’s” between Leonard and Penny, but it was lackluster thanks to a grand fight that may not blow over quite as soon as fans want.

We waited months for this episode only to be welcomed back by a couple of laughs and a lot of disappointments – as far as fandoms go. I know things weren’t going to be fine and dandy as soon as we picked up, but damn Chuck Lorre, did you have to take our hearts and smash them into pieces. Okay let’s get to what happened and talk about it.


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Leonard and Penny went through with their intimate Vegas wedding but she couldn’t shake the whole admission he made on their way there. Yes, it’s horrible that he kept that to himself that long and I would’ve been on his side through and through if he didn’t up working with this girl he shared a drunken makeout session with. Who would’ve ever guessed it’d be Leonard to cheat on Penny and not the other way around. Will they make it through? If Lorre can do this show justice and not let it go the way of Two and a Half Men, then yes – they’ll end happily ever after because they are the base when it comes to the couple totem pole of this realm. They have just hit a bump in the road and it’ll take them a minute or two to recover. Something tells me Penny and Mandy are going to have a run in sooner than later. After that things will either get patched up and be okay, or they’ll get worse and we’ll see them take a break.

While they proved being married isn’t always filled with bliss, Sheldon was giving up women for good and declaring them worse than papercuts. For someone who has very little emotion, he did not take the break lightly. What made this whole thing worse was that he wasn’t to propose with some store bought ring, but his grandmother’s – a freaking family heirloom. Also, what’s to come with that whole “Penny knew about the potential breakup but didn’t say anything?”

Oh yeah, can we talk about Stuart being the worst? I know it was supposed to come off as funny but when your friend and his girl are going through something – don’t try and swoop in and give them comfort. Can we write this dude off for that alone?

Next week it doesn’t look like it’s getting better for Sheldon as he takes the breakup to the online masses.

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  • Hope M

    I think Stewart is getting the short end of the writing stick. He was never this bad or needy in earlier seasons. He’s gotten worse which is a shame. I really liked him a lot. Now he’s just a waste of space

    • Kendra Beltran

      Agreed. He became an annoyance.