The Big Bang Theory 9×09 ‘The Platonic Permutation’: It’s coming…


Huge news on The Big Bang Theory front. It didn’t happen this week, but it was announced that Amy and Sheldon will finally consummate their relationship in a physical way. Can you freaking believe that? I thought they’d leave that moment in their lovies for the finale scene of their one-day series finale, but nope – it’s coming in December. Excitement and what some of you call “feels” aside, I guess we have to talk about this week’s holiday themed episode.

So Sheldon finds himself with an extra ticket to a Thanksgiving at the aquarium since he’s no longer with Amy. Only Leonard and Penny are fixing their first holiday meal together and things get a little choppy when she fails to get into her husband’s iPad when she can’t figure out the code; his birthday. The tables turn when she finds out he’s been reading her journal. Privacy in relationships is a fine line. When and can you cross it? I know the passcode to my boyfriend’s phone but we had an incident this week where I definitely crossed that line in the sand and an awkward silence came over the room. Then we talked about it, and the mood slowly changed. Will this be the straw to break the newlyweds’ back? Oh no, it’s just a learning experience all couples go through, some more than others – but as long as boundaries are set, things will be okay. What wasn’t okay…Leonard’s little strip tease in the naughty carrot ensemble.


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Just as funny as that was, my heart (and I’m sure yours) sank during that final scene. How are we going to get to coitus after Sheldon just told Amy he wanted to remain friends and her heart literally broke as she was driving? From where those two started, their initial conversation in the car thanks to Sheldon’s topical list was one of the most adult moments they’ve ever shared, on top of when he said “I love you” for the first time. Then they mirrored a normal couple at the aquarium and BAM! Just like that, who would’ve guessed it’d be his call to not rekindle their romance? How they bounce back from this is going to drive me crazy until we can return to this world in two weeks. Dang you real Thanksgiving for taking TV away for a week!

On top of the laughs and heartbreak, real nerds had to rejoice when Elon Musk popped up at the soup kitchen the rest of the gang were volunteering at. This show never disappoints in getting great guest stars that actually coincide with the show’s demeanor.

See you in two weeks!

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