The Big Bang Theory 9×08 ‘The Mystery Date Observation’: Cow eyes


Amy and Sheldon are focused on moving on from one another. One is actually dating and the other is outsourcing for help with the matter on this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory. It’s one of the lighter episodes of the season, never taking a turn that makes you tear up or want to tear out your heart as Amy dealt with a date from hell, and Sheldon missed out on someone who could’ve possibly been a perfect match.

Stephen Merchant was possibly the most perfect choice to play Amy’s mystery man. Tall, lanky and smart – he’s basically a less robotic version of Sheldon. The only problem was that he was well, obsessed with Amy’s ex. Yes, the math teacher knew all of Dr. Cooper’s work and even referred to him as a “rock star.” It’s weird to think that every facet of life has celebrities and in math and science in this world, it’s Sheldon – and even Leonard. Amy just couldn’t overlook her latest beau’s love of her ex and had to let him down, but not before Penny, Bernadette and a reluctant Leonard spied on their date.


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Back at the apartment Sheldon asked Howard and Raj to find him a mate. Which was good idea because they are the ones who found Amy back in the day. Only, they were banned from using traditional dating sites and went to Craigslist. I would like to say that plan could’ve gone terribly wrong. Have you ever looked at the singles ads on there? It’s 99.9% creeps and weirdos, .1% decent people who aren’t smart enough to just swipe on an app. But yes, they placed this puzzle of sorts on there, gave a deadline and waited. Ugh, I was so frustrated that Sheldon sent this basically perfect girl away because she was seconds late. As Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers used to say, really…really? That’s Sheldon though, but I really think him nitpicking and Amy’s horrendous dating outcome with the math teacher only means we’re one step closer to them reuniting.

I also liked the two sides of friends and dating with this episode. Amy wanted to keep things to herself, and Sheldon was willing to get all the help he could. One should never do what Bernadette and Penny did. If your friend is dating, let them tell you what they want and what makes them comfortable. On the flip side, if they ask for help – take them up on it. This is especially true if you’re married or in a relationship. You can be a great asset to your single pals. With that, if you are the single one – never feel pressured to share every detail, but also don’t be scared to ask for help from your friends who are taken. Make sure to date as you feel comfortable – it will make it easier on you.

Next week it looks like we’ll get a Thanksgiving episode with half the gang cooking at home and the other half having their first holiday as a married couple.

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